A Comprehensive Step by Step Affiliate Marketing For Newbies Guide

Ways to Make Money

In this comprehensive step by step affiliate marketing for newbies guide, I will share with you some of the easiest ways to make money online. As you know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started with. What affiliate marketers usually do is they will refer online shoppers to various products and gaining a percentage of the sale in return. In most cases, affiliate marketers are given their specific links to the products they are promoting so that the seller knows that he or she is promoting their product.

One of the benefits is that sellers often offer great incentives and sometimes as much as 75% in commissions. The best tip I’m going to give you in this comprehensive “newbies guide” is to find the right vendor to promote. Find those that are trustworthy and have been in the affiliate marketing business for quite a long time. If you are unsure which vendor to choose from, I would suggest you visit an affiliate marketing forum and ask around for a reputable vendor to start with.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

In this comprehensive step by step affiliate marketing for newbies guide; I would like to share with you some programs. One such program that I would like you to take note of is RegNow. It’s one of the world’s leading software specific affiliate program that have programs such as the Affiliate Rewards Program, RegNow Certification Program and the Affiliate Referral Program. Aside from that, the RegNow program has a number of different tools to help affiliates sell their products better. RegNow is not the only affiliate program available but it is used as an example in this “step by step newbies guide” so you will have a clearer picture.

Another tip from this detailed step by step affiliate marketing for newbies guide when choosing a program is to take a look at its features. Let’s take RegNow as an example, features such as the Rewards Program, EPC Ratings, payments, Link ID Flexibility, RegNow Branding Options, RegNow Product Finder and RegNow Certification Program are what makes them very captivating and makes affiliates want to promote their products.

Also Use Your Blog as an Affiliate Source

Last but not least, in this great step by step affiliate marketing for newbies guide, don’t forget to use your blog as a source of affiliate revenue. To do this, you need to understand what you readers need and try to serve them the best way possible. However, some trial and error are needed when it comes to studying the trends and reader responses change both over time and in terms of what you have been offering them to figure out if you are actually offering anything of value.

Aside from that, to make your blog a source of affiliate revenue, you must choose where you place your banners very carefully. Reasons why I’m sharing with you about banner placement in this newbies guide is because your blog readers need to be able to spot your banner ads as soon as they load your site. Examples of good banner placement should be near the headers of the page. The worst spot you should avoid is the footer and also, it is not advisable to put up too many banner ads as this makes your blog messy and makes click through rates lower.

This “step by step guide” should be a stepping stone for you to enter the affiliates industry. Tips that are shared in this newbies guide should get you going and work your way to earn your first commission. One great piece of advice that I would like to make is to never give up and try one business model at a time. Just so you know, testing is also part of learning and I hope this step by step affiliate marketing for newbies guide have served you well in providing tips and tricks of affiliate marketing.

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