Affiliate Marketing Secrets – Free Traffic Methods Skyrocket Your Success

You’ve decided on affiliate marketing as your online business model, but you don’t have the budget to pay for Google ads to drive traffic. You know that you have to get traffic to your offer in order to make money, so what do you do? While it requires some time and effort, there are plenty of ways to get traffic to your website for free. Here are just a few to get you started!

First and foremost, killer content.

Great content is like a magnet; readers love it, they will come back again and again, even telling others about your site or blog. If you offer amazing, informative content, other blogs and sites are more likely to link to you, which helps increase the traffic flow.

Get involved in the conversation.

Forums, blogs, social networking sites, hubs(HubPages), LinkedIn – there are hundreds of places where you can engage in the conversation and get things rolling. All of these things will not only help build your reputation, by offering your expertise and help to others they will come to respect you. Getting involved in various communities helps you spread the word!

Press Releases.

There are several free press release sites. Write up a great press release and distribute it to a few of these sites so that the media becomes aware of your business and offer. When writing a press release, keep it enthusiastic and informative; you don’t want it to come across as salesy or like a product review. Highlight your business in a way that captures attention. Some of the free press release sites include, and

Articles – one of my FAVORITES!

Articles are a great way to drive free targeted traffic to your affiliate offer. Write your best articles and submit them to some of the top article directories, optimizing your articles for keywords and phrases people looking for your product/service would likely use when searching. Link to your site from your author resource box at the bottom of your article.

The great thing about articles is that they can be used in so many ways; on your website or blog, for the article directories, even as a short report to give away to your subscribers when you put a few of your articles together in a package.

SEO or search engine optimization.

Yes, I know this sounds a little scary but it’s really quite simple. Optimizing your blog or website simply means using context and keywords that help the search engines find your site when a person is searching for information, and building back-links (incoming links) to your site. While there is a little more involved, these are the basic two things you need to concentrate on.

You’ll also want to write good titles for your pages and a good meta description. You can learn a lot about search engine optimization at Search Engine Watch.

Blog commenting, guest posting on other relevant blogs and pinging each time you update are a few other strategies you should be using to increase traffic to your affiliate website or blog. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to market your site and get traffic even when you don’t have a dime to spend!

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