Affiliate Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Making Millions

Who Can Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

In this section I’ll be telling you who can make money from affiliate marketing in today’s online environment. The short answer is that absolutely anyone can make money from affiliate marketing these days. I mean everyone, not just a lucky elite few who have some specialist technical or educational background. You might be a young person still at school or studying at college or university. In that case you will definitely have some spare time to devote to this money making opportunity. Don’t try to deny it. I’ve been a student and I know that even serious students have a lot of spare time.

You might be an older person, perhaps a pensioner. You, too, can be a successful affiliate marketer. You can be a successful affiliate marketer even if you don’t know how to use a computer. That’s because it’s not really that had to learn how to use a modern computer. They are much more user friendly than they used to be and there are many ways to learn to use a computer. There are subsidised, even free courses at your local library or your employer might pay for you to go on a course. Don’t be disheartened or scared of using a computer. They don’t bite and you won’t break it by pressing a few keys! Everyone had to learn sometime and it won’t take that long to learn the basics either. Even if you don’t decide to be an internet marketer you should still learn to use the internet because it is an incredible modern resource that you can only benefit from.

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer. You can be educated or perhaps you didn’t complete high school. You may be male, female, young, old, healthy, poorly, an internet whiz or a total technophobe. It doesn’t matter. These things aren’t important.

How Long Will It Take To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Well if none of those things matter, what do you need to be a success in this game? One of the key resources that you need is time. You do need to be able to devote some time to your new business if you want to be successful. Sure, the profits will pour in whilst you sleep once the system is set up but you do need to devote some time to setting it up properly. You will need to make time to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and some basic web skills.You will need to make time to educate yourself or let someone else educate you (recommended). You will definitely need to invest some of your time regularly in order to learn these elementary fundamentals or you won’t achieve what you could and should.

Don’t tell me that you don’t have any spare time. Everyone does. We just often choose to spend our time watching mindless television that, in all honesty, we’re probably not that interested in. Television is your enemy. It is a thief. It steals your time and you have probably become conditioned so that watching half an hour of mindless nonsense on TV is what you do out of habit rather than true desire. What you really desire is passive income and financial freedom and you should never ever forget that. Not for one minute. Financial freedom equals free time and choices. The choice and opportunity to spend time with your children, friends and loved ones rather than doing a job just to make a few measly bucks. That’s why you are searching for an opportunity to make money online. Don’t lose sight of the goal. With that in mind, try telling me again that you don’t have enough time. You do. You can make time. You can.

Spend a little bit of time every day and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a relatively short space of time. Investing your own time to learn something won’t have to be repeated. With affiliate marketing I think it’s fair to say that “Once learned, never forgotten” is very true. The new skills you will learn will help you to grow and develop both as an individual and as a provider for yourself and your family.

Now you’ve learned that you are exactly the kind of person who really can succeed as an affiliate marketer and you’ve realised that you do have the time to devote to your success. Be sure to check out part 3 of this series where you’ll develop your millionaire mindset.

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