Selling on eBay – Use the Extra Characters

Selling on eBay Ever since the eBay launch back in 1995 sellers have been limited to 55 characters in the Title section of their listing. However, from September the limit is being raised to 80 characters which should allow sellers to include even more keywords in their titles.

First of all it is important to understand exactly why titles are so important. The vast majority of serious buyers use the eBay search tool to find what they are looking for. The problem is they do not all use the same keywords in their searches. For instance someone looking for a digital camera may just type in the phrase, “digital Camera” whilst others may specify the make such as Sony or Kodak.

Other people may be even more specific and enter the type or model number of the digital camera they are interested in. Some might be looking for a specific coloured digital camera or may add they are looking for a new or used camera.

When you compose your Title it is important that you include as many relevant keywords as you can. The additional 25 characters should help you with this. Because it is the title that the eBay search tool looks at for suitable listings it is important that you concentrate on producing the best title that you can.

The first consideration is to try to work out what keywords or phrases perspective buyers might type into the eBay search box. The points you should include in your title include the obvious things such as a generic description. i.e. digital camera, the make and model number, If appropriate you might add the colour, size and condition, whether it is new or second-hand.

Now that eBay are allowing you the extra characters it is worth going and looking at your current listed items and seeing if you can add anything more to your titles. One of the keys to having a good title is never to waste a character. In the early days of eBay it was not uncommon to see titles such as “WOW The best buy on eBay” and some people even add ***!!!@@@ and the like in their titles. No buyer is going to type that kind of thing into the search engine so it is wasted. Fortunately most sellers have now realised the error of their ways but when I just typed in “best buy on eBay” there were 14 items came up ranging from audio CDs to a parrot cage.

If there is a secret to having good titles it is to make every word count and be rich in keywords and phrases buyers will use. The more visitors you can attract to your listing the more sales you will make.


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