How To Use Bonus Offers To Increase Your Affiliate Revenue

Have you ever seen those guys that make tons and tons of sales and you are left scratching your head about how this is possible?

Here is the method that is used, to put it simply, they use bonus offer to increase their affiliate revenue and so can you. When you use bonus offers to increase your affiliate revenue what you are doing is basically providing your list with an incentive for purchasing a product from you instead of from someone else.

So, how it works is like this.


  • You contact your list (if you don’t have a list you will want to use my second method below): When you contact your list, you tell them about the product and you tell them about your bonus offer. I am sure that if you have a list you have purchased quite a few products in your day. I am also sure that many of those products come with distribution rights. If I am mistaken, you will need to create your own bonuses but that is OK. I can teach you more about how to do that in another article. For now, we will assume you have free distribution rights. With these rights, you are able to give out the products to other customers.
  • Post the bonus information on your website or blog and drive traffic to this page. You will want to be sure to include the product link so that your customer can click on the link directly from your website and purchase the product from you. After they purchase the product from you, you will send them their bonuses. You can find a plugin that will allow you to automate this process and make it easier for you to follow through on your bonuses. This will make it easier for you, so that you don’t forget to send your bonuses to your customers. Worst thing that can happen is you don’t follow through on your word and you lose credibility. This can be very bad for your business so make sure that if you offer something you follow through with it.


When you offer you customer a bonus for buying from you, what happens is you end up providing the buyer with more value for their purchase. What you choose to use as a bonus will determine your success. A good rule of thumb is think about what you would want as a bonus and go from there. This is how you would use bonuses to increase your revenue.

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