Walmart Vs Amazon Affiliate Program Which Is Better For Affiliates

Walmart Vs Amazon: There was an article in Internet Retailer on comparison of the online storefronts of these two merchants, this is how’s affiliate program compares to’s associates program.

Amazon and Walmart Affiliate Program Description

By looking at the information provided in the respective sections of each website, we can see the following differences:
Amazon Associates Program
Platform: in-house (
Commission (dependent on the number of items shipped):

  • Number of sales 1-6, the commission is 4.0%
  • Number of sales 7-10, the commission is 6.0%
  • Number of sales 31-110, the commission is 6.5%
  • Number of sales 111-320, the commission is 7.0%
  • Number of sales 321-630, the commission is 7.5%
  • Number of sales 631-1570, the commission is 8.0%
  • Number of sales 1571-3130, the commission is 8.25%
  • Number of sales 3131+, the commission is 8.5%

Exclusions: Consumer electronic products (always 4%), Kindle and most downloadable products (10%), Endless products (15%), Game downloads (20%)
Cookie Life: 24 hours’s Affiliate Program

Platform: LinkShare
Commission: Independent of number and depends on product categories:

  • Electronics, video games, movies, music, books, photo – 1%
  • Other categories – 4%

Cookie Life: 3 days
Program Website:

Duration of Cookies:

In simple terms, Cookies are the tracking codes that will be dropped in your browser when you browse these sites. Assume that you are running an affiliate marketing site, and if some one is visiting your affiliate product and choose to buy it later and closes the browser window, then the cookie will be saved in his browser and if he buys it later then that sale will be credited to you. Different affiliate networks offer different cookie duration, there are some affiliate networks which offers a 90 day cookie duration and some affiliate network which offers a cookie duration of few hours.

Walmart Vs Amazon Affiliate ProgramNow coming to our the case of Walmart Vs Amazon; even though’s cookie life is significantly longer than amazon’s (24 hours) the end revenue generated from Walmart is lesser than that of Amazon. About 84-88% of the people buy the products instantly and only around 15% will buy the product later after researching. So that ways in 85% of the cases cookie duration is irrelevant. However if we compare the commission structure if you sell consumer electronics, then amazon offers 300% higher commissions for the same product as compared  to Walmart. When it comes to other products too the commission of Amazon is significantly greater than that of Walmart. So in the overall picture Amazon is a far better to work with for the affiliates.

Which is Better?:

General study by top affiliate markets say that the EPC (earning per click) of Amazon is 75% more than that of Walmart.  The other negatives of Walmart are, there are several zero commission products. They also don’t allow bloggers to participate in their program, whereas amazon offer a lot of tools and widgets for bloggers (Amazon Affiliate Network for Bloggers)

For affiliate marketers still Amazon is the number one way of making money online.

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