Build A Career Without a Formal Employment

It is no secret that the US and international economy is struggling. This is demonstrated in a number of ways, but perhaps most notably in the unemployment rate, which has remained at over 7% for several years. The natural result of this is that you are left with more job seekers for each open position. This can lead to many feeling stuck in their current job, or at the very least fearful about their ability to find the job of their dreams. The good news is, we have a solution.

Work for yourself!

Make Money OnlineThat’s right, work for yourself. With the ability of average people to make money online, it is more feasible than ever to earn income without formal employment. The influx of technological advances have made things that used to seem far-fetched commonplace. For instance, outsourcing used to be something that was reserved for giant corporations to cut costs. Now there are a number of websites that unite the self-employed with freelancers across the globe. So maybe you’ve had a great idea for a website, but have no idea how to create one, then no worries! Find an affordable freelance designer to get the work done, so you can focus on the things you do best.

Another appealing aspect of making money online is that you often have low start-up costs. The costs for starting a new “brick and mortar” business like a restaurant are well documented, and are quite high. However, a web entrepreneur can be up and running with their own website for under $20. If your idea takes off, great! If not, your biggest sacrifice was your time.

Imagine never having to update your resume, prepare for a job interview, or take on some gas guzzling commute. While it may sound far fetched from where you sit today, there is no better time to start than the present. Ask yourself what you have to lose and I think you’ll find that in many cases what you can gain far outweighs what you can lose when it comes to finding monetary success online. Best of luck!

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