Crucial Elements You Need To Make Money On The Web

The web can be a powerful money-making tool, of that there is no doubt. Whatever it is you sell, extra revenue streams are awaiting.

But before you start making money online, there are a few things you will need to understand. It’s fine if you can’t get to grips with things completely, but you will need to make yourself aware of the basics. Let’s take a look at the core elements that will make the difference between success and failure.

Web Design 

Even if you don’t have a clue about websites, you can still make money from one. But you have to put some work into understanding the website design process first. Good planning outlining exactly what you want is your first step. You or your developer will build a better product if there is a framework to follow. Make sure each and every feature is working properly before launch and document everything.

User Experience 

It’s no good having a website full of products, words, and pretty pictures if it is unusable. The user experience is about how the web visitor interacts with your site, and it is an essential part of getting people to do what you want them to. Your website should be clean and easy to navigate as a bare minimum. You can also construct it to nudge people into the direction of your sales pages. Be as subtle as possible when doing this for the best effect.


Goals are often forgotten about by business owners. It’s understandable. They have a flashy new website to look at and have filled it out with a complete history of their lives, including their favorite color and what they like to do at the weekend. Will this work? In short, no. Your visitors only care about one thing: your product or service. Your goal for your website should be about making your product shine from the very second someone lands, and get them to take some action. That could be buying something or signing up for a newsletter. The point is, every single inch of your site should be used to achieve a goal. Work out what yours are.


Although design attracts, it is words that sell. Every single word on your website should be planned. It should outline the benefits of the product in simple, concise terms. It should light little fires in people’s minds that linger in their memory. It should encourage them to take action. You should use words to make great headlines and keep people on the page. And, most importantly, you should use words to direct people to where the money is.


Making money on the web is not rocket science. Although it does have similarities. Rocket science follows specific rules and relies on thorough testing for progress. You should follow the same principles for your website. Use the core ideas we outlined above to form your base product, and find out about A/B testing  to determine what works and what doesn’t. And test everything. Even changing a single word can have a serious impact on your sales or signups.

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