Cut Your Expenses in Half With Coupons

Online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Strategic online shoppers, research well and rely on coupons to help save on their monthly expenses. Today these strategic shoppers represent a significant percentage of online shoppers. Anyone who likes money should use coupons to get the best deal, because a penny saved is a penny gained.

Online Coupons – Statistics:

There are millions of coupons available online for various product ranges. In 2005, 315 billion coupons were issued in the U.S (including paper coupons), however only 3 billion coupons were redeemed. However things are changing now. Things are pretty different today as in 2013, 55% of US internet users 18 years or older have redeemed digital coupons and 73% of US women have printed a coupon from a website for redeeming. So it goes without saying that getting the right coupon code is important to improve you savings.

An average online coupon user saves around 12% per year on their online spending, which translates to roughly $14 per week for an average United States household. In other words an average online coupon user will spend roughly 30 minutes searching for the right coupon, and in a way that means he earns $28 per hour as an easy income. Most coupons also provide free shipping, and in several cases these coupons will added on top of a store wide discount making the product cheaper.

Voucher Sky – Top Coupons Websites:

You can further decrease the time spent on coupon hunting, by choosing the right coupon website like voucher sky. Voucher sky offers great deals and coupons for a wide range of products from Pizzas, Fashion, Holiday & Travel, Gifts, Computers & Software, Jewellery, Mobile Phones to Beauty & Health. They are constantly adding new categories, recently they added pet food and pet product category. Since you find coupon for a wide range of products and services all under one roof you can save a lot of time as well. Instead if you browse for coupons randomly you might end up getting frustrated and might give up on them quickly.

Voucher sky also provides coupons worth 60% off on certain merchandise and top brands. You will miss a huge opportunity if you miss those deals. However it is not feasible to check for new deals and coupons everyday in the website, and to solve this issue voucher sky is providing a free subscription service, where you can enroll with your email. Voucher sky will then send you  emails about  top coupons every day. You will not miss out on any good deal.

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