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A Happy Internet Marketer Reviews Online Business Ideas. Because I get to stay at home and make money I classify myself as a happy Internet marketer. How great is that!

In this article I want to go over a few online business ideas you can stay at home and earn money and be happy like I am.

1. I learned almost from the beginning that one of the best Internet businesses to be in was email marketing. Building an email list allows you to sell products to your subscribers and make money at any time.

You can do email marketing from an Internet cafe all over the world. You consider the beach and earn money with your notebook doing email marketing.

Niche Blueprint 2.0

The trick is to learn how to build a large email list and turn it into a responsive one. There is a skill to building relationships with your subscribers and then selling products to them.

However you will become very happy as your list numbers into the thousands and so does your monthly income. Regardless of how you go about making money online having an email list is an excellent idea.

2. Start your own online business teaching people how to make money on the Internet. This is a great idea because you will never run out of prospects.

Although this is a competitive niche you can still carve out a place for yourself in it. All you really need are the standard items that most Internet marketers need.

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