Easy Steps To Make Money Online in Your Favorite Niche

When you think about rewarding careers and what makes them rewarding many times the financial and benefit side stand out. When was the last time you heard someone say they could not wait to get back to work? Normally people cannot wait to finish their work day! However, one of the greatest signs you are in a rewarding career is being able to do what you love! Brian Johnson, for example loves coaching people and his infatuation with SEO blogging actually made me interested in SEO blogs. On average, I am now creating two SEO niche based blogs per week. Being able to do what you enjoy should not neglect self-employment opportunities either! How do you become self-employed is a great question and may seem difficult but, you could be making money online in five easy steps!

Many people fall for the emails that promise an obscene amount of money with no work. Even more fall for the emails that encourage the recipient to buy into a program and quit their job that day. The concepts very well could happen down the road, however if you have no business background could you rationally walk away from your source of income to start something you are unsure of? Starting something as a part-time or leisure based activity is a far more intelligent decision. If you remained employed full-time maybe with a little bit of money set aside and you add to that amount will actually make Internet Marketing easier for you! Many who start online unfortunately quit their jobs immediately and get bogged down with everything they are told to do! They will write articles, create backlinks, and anything else they have heard works well. If you use the part-time status as an Internet Marketing strategy you will actually have more control of your schedule and where you allocate your free time.

Educating yourself should be self-explanatory, especially if you only have a vague experience with managing a business, online or offline. This step can actually cause you to spend money when you do not have to, especially on poorly created training programs. Unfortunately, everyone involved in Internet Marketing feels they can make a coaching program and they are simply not experienced enough. This thought goes back to the idea in the first paragraph where people are promised success with no experience. In all actuality coaching programs are not the only way to educate yourself! Reading well thought articles such as the one you are reading now and asking questions in forums are very effective learning tools. You can also find free products on what you are learning. For example if you are trying to find information on how to properly use HTML you could do a Google search for “free ebook hot to HTML” and you will probably find exactly what you are looking for in one search.

Now that you have studied the in’s and out’s of Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies, you can pick what you will use to make money. Forums also play a pretty large role in this step. You can go to Yahoo Answers and see what people are asking questions about. I highly suggest that you pick a niche based on your personal interests. This is a two-fold reason, the first being your knowledge about your chosen idea. If I were to start over today, I would probably cover natural supplements or fitness topics. The second part of the reasoning is that you will have to create a lot of content! Creating content, especially if you are mandated to can be very boring and tedious. Picking something you are passionate about makes your journey that much easier and more enjoyable. It also would make sense that people who are doing what they enjoy find they have a rewarding career. Internet Marketing can be extremely stressful, this makes it that much more manageable.

Research and analysis will be an ongoing part of doing business however it does not need to be overly time consuming if you know what you are looking for. There are many programs that can automate the majority of this step, however I recommend you understand and are able to complete this step yourself. The step is complex in the sense there are multiple components and some are relatively in-depth tasks. Keyword research is one task I will always do manually as I can see hundreds of options I could use on different ideas down the road. Seeing the options can also help you add to your niche as well. Keyword research is also needed for the fifth step, SEO blog creation. I also do my keyword research on popular forums, and this is something you really need to consider. Find a forum related to your niche and you will be able to see what people want to buy simply by reading the posts where they have a problem they want solved.

The final part or step in your journey to start making money online is to have a powerful SEO blog. The platform you really need to consider using is WordPress as the search engine’s, specifically Google, love that platform and there are also some pre-configured SEO settings. WordPress is also extremely easy to install, you log into your hosting control panel (yourdomain.com/cpanel) and look for the Fantastico button and select a directory to install WordPress.

Now that you have WordPress installed (yes, it really was that easy) you want to start configuring the settings. An important SEO blog component is the permallink especially since it can be used as a keyword placement! When you are in the permalink settings, look for the custom options and use this permalink structure %postname%.html. Now you want to check and verify you h1 tag and meta description, I do this through the “All In One SEO” plugin to expedite the process. Until you have 3 to 8 keyword based pages you also want to make sure you are set to block the search engines. The reason for this is the first impression idea, and you understand the concept very well even without realizing it. If you were going to visit your neighbor and their house was run down and yard was messy, would you not have a poor first impression? Treat the search engines the same way and make them want to visit your “house”. Two fast ideas you also want to pay attention to are setting up your categories based on keywords. Finally you will want to set-up some outbound links to respected sites. To elaborate, if you are in the diabetes market you will want to link to sites such as the American Diabetic Association or maybe the Mayo Clinic. To set links all you do is select” “add links” from your WordPress admin panel.

These steps may seem difficult, and if they do read this article out loud. The steps are extremely easy and not time consuming at all.

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