Free Online Business Tips – Two Important Tips When Starting Your Online Business

Tip number one is to start out in a business mindset. A lot of people start out online and they think there is going to be some magic software or some program that is going to just make them easy money. Well that is not really a business mindset. I mean can you start a plumbing company with that kind of mindset. No you can because there is no easy to way to start any kind of business. Se when you are dealing with a business like plumbing you are interacting with people and you want them to keep coming back to you and be loyal. When online you may get caught up in the thought of just driving traffic to a website. But you have to treat your website like if it was a store on the street. You want that store to have what the customers need and if it don’t they will go somewhere else.

So a real store is going to try and supply all the needs to its targeted customers. And online business is no different. If a store sells hardware then it is going to want to have what the customers need, and build a long lasting relationship with those customers. And you have to remember that online the real thing that people are looking for is information. So when you are building your online business and you pick out your market that you want to be in. You need to get in the mindset of the people that is online looking for information in that market. Whether it be you suggesting a product that is good or giving them free information. Se if you build trust with someone by giving them free content. Then later on they will come back to you to se what kind of products you suggest. So put as much time and effort as you can in building a high quality website that is going to have good information on it. And if you write articles or do videos make them as high quality as you can. Don’t just put up a bunch of crap because you will be forgotten and people wont buy anything from you. You will see better results with 20 visitors a day to a high quality website then 200 visitors a day to a crappy one.

My second tip is to start building your own list of potential customers right off the bat. And you do this by collecting email leads. This is going to be the heart or life blood of your business. Just like any business if you have a list of good leads that have came to your website and trusted you enough to give you their email then they are your customers. And you need to keep yourself in front of them and keep on building trust with that person. If you just send them email after email of junk products then they wont be on your list very long. But treat them like real customers of your and try to help them in any way you can. This is very important on the future of your business.

So these are my two number one online business tips. If you are really interested in starting your own online business then I would suggest going and checking out my Free course that I put together. You will learn how to start your own website which is super easy. And how to get email leads and all the things you need to know to get your business started today. So for more information on my Free course just go to and watch my quick video where I try and explain more.

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