Generating Quality Leads for Your MLM Online Business

How to generate quality leads for your MLM Online business is a great question to ask yourself even before you start spending money on advertising or buying leads. A lot of leads can be obtained for free, if you know what you are doing.

Let’s firstly take a step backwards and ask ourselves why do we even want to generate leads in the first place?

Over the years the online business industry has received a lot of criticism, mainly due to the over hyped promises of tons of money, holidays, flashy cars and freedom. Unfortunately like any other industry there are fraudsters and scammers out there that you need to beware of. A very small percentage of people have ever achieved a high level of success in an online business however this figure is somewhat distorted due to the fact the 97% of online businesses are started with no training, no mentor and the owner gives up within the first 3 months.

That does not make all online business opportunities bad! So, what is going to make one online business separate itself from the pack?

The answer is traffic. The higher the number of visitors to your website, the higher the number of leads that you will generate and at the end of the day, the higher the number of leads, the more sales and profit you will make.

The main 2 benefits of lead generation are:

1. You do not have to approach and sell to your family and your friends. You also do not need to promote your product to anyone who is not interested and ruin your reputation of credibility.

2. You can automate your lead generation and sales by leveraging the power of the internet and an email autoresponder system. Both of these will work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even while you are sleeping!

So now that we’ve discussed a couple of the benefits of lead generation, let’s take a look at some of the key facts that you need to understand when analysing your leads.

1. Are they responsive? When you are marketing to your leads via email you need to pay attention to the number and percentage of your leads that are firstly opening your emails, and secondly that are clicking on the links in your emails. This will tell you how responsive your leads are and if you pay attention to which emails are getting more opens and clicks, you will also be able to see which writing style is the most effective.

2. What is your cost per lead and per sale? Obviously if you are generating free traffic and free leads then this does not apply. Not only do you need to know that cost per lead from your paid marketing methods, you also need to know the cost per sale. There is no point getting 1000 cheap leads if they are not buying so ultimately the cost per sale is the important thing here. Once you know this you will discover where you should be focusing your marketing attention.

3. Are they repeat buyers and what contact is required?

Repeat buyers is a no-brainer, you want these! In terms of contact, if you are using your autoresponder effectively and utilising social media like blogging, Facebook and twitter then you will never (or very rarely) actually have to speak to or meet your leads! This is all automated and done via the internet in your own time as your market is worldwide.

These are some of the more important things you need to know about MLM and online business lead generation. Be careful when paying for your leads and track your results carefully.

Luke Riley is an Internet Marketing Coach, Mentor and Entrepreneur who thrives on helping others achieve financial freedom by leveraging the internet.

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