How Freelancers Can Maximise Their Earnings

There are lots of great things about being a freelancer. You get to manage your own time and affairs, you get an unprecedented level of flexibility and the opportunity to choose when you take work and when you don’t. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games though. It can pretty difficult at times too.

It can be hard to get work at times and not knowing when your next pay cheque will come can be stressful. And then, when you get the work, it requires a lot of discipline and planning. If you’re thinking about starting out as a freelancer, let this guide help you out.

Brand Yourself

Just like a business, a good freelancer needs to brand themselves. Makes sure people associate you with hard work, professionalism and quality. One way of doing this is via your work, but the other is to bolster your online presence.

Run a blog and be very active on your social media accounts. You could also create a video advertising yourself using Vivid Photo Visual. If people share it online, it could get seen by a lot of people.

Stay Determined

You need to be determined if you’re going to succeed. It can be really difficult to motivate yourself as a freelance. You’re essentially operating as a one man band. You have to do the work, organise the finances and take care of the marketing. It can be tiring!

Don’t Accept Non-Payment

All freelancers have bad experiences with some clients. This shouldn’t put you off freelance work altogether though. But when you get a client who takes your work but refuses to pay, you need to pursue it as far as possible.

Don’t be tempted to take on unpaid work either. Unless it’s a genuine passion project that you’re happy to give your time to, there is rarely any point in working for free. It doesn’t lead to paid work as some will have you believe.

Work Hard, But Not Too Hard

When times are good, and the job offers are flowing in at a steady rate, it can become tempting to take on too much work. You have to learn to say no though. Turning down work is never easy but it’s better than failing to meet commitments you’ve made to clients.

It’s also important to take time out. When you have an ordinary job, your hours are set quite rigidly but as a freelancer you decide on your own hours. This is both a blessing and a curse. Try to keep a good balance between work and play.

Plan Ahead

Planning is vital for freelancers. Put aside some time to plan ahead. You should know what work you’re going to be doing in the coming week. It’s the only way to keep on top of your workload and make sure you’ll have enough money to survive on. Even if you have loads of work, planning is still important. In fact, it’s even more important. Deadlines can often come thick and fast, so make sure keep track of your progress.

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