How To Get Customers In A Text Messaging List

How To Get Customers “No, thank you” is the common initial response by most people when asked if they’d be willing to receive SMS messages from their favourite shops or boutiques. As much as businesses would like to honor their customers’ wish of opting out, they make the mistake of badgering them nonetheless with unsolicited messages. Spamming your customer’s phone inbox is way worse than spamming his email inbox as it is more intrusive. Doing so guarantees a massive backlash against your business, the total opposite of your objective.

So how do you get customers to join your eClub or text messaging list? Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what would make you look forward to SMS marketing. You’d definitely want to receive something of value to you, something that you could benefit from and something that would make you take action upon receiving the text message.

Here are some ideas on how to get customers sign up to your text messaging list:

•Mobile Coupon

Not only this time of undeniable hardships due to economic recession but even way back the golden years, consumers hunt for discounts and often buy papers for coupons. Today more than ever the demand for coupons is enormous. Mobile coupons are the modern version of cut-out coupons delivered to your customers’ phones instantly through SMS. Sending out messages such as “Get 30% off on all items. Show this message at the register”, will surely bring customers to your doorstep. It is a guaranteed way for customers to look forward to your text messages and purchase your products or services.

•Text To Win A Prize

Who wouldn’t want to win a prize? Rather doing raffles or passing out physical tickets on events, why not make it exciting for everyone? Encourage customers to be proactive instead and have them join in the fun by texting KEYWORD to #000 (a pound number or short code is an easy number that customers could remember) to win a novel prize. Imagine your customers actively participating and encouraging their friends to Text-to-Win. Make it more interesting by bouncing back a discount or rebate coupon for those who texted but didn’t get to win a prize. In that manner, everybody gets to win. It’s a surefire way to gain more customers and business. It would be best to have customers message their email addresses as an entry to build your database of both email and contact number client database.

•Vote For Incentives

A survey is a valuable tool that provides customers’ feedback on your products and services. It is very crucial to know what the public think of your company, its image, products and services to keep the business going and growing. Get automatic immediate response by engaging your customers in a simple Text-to-Vote activity. Customers love nothing more than letting you know what they think so you could serve them better. As an incentive, you may throw out an exclusive event for voters or something better.

Be creative and always offer something of value to your customers. Encouraging them to participate and be proactive will keep them coming back for more. Make every mobile marketing effort worthwhile by keeping on target. Keep it light, fun and beneficial to all parties involved. Enjoy mobile marketing!

Brett is a part of a growing team over at Call Loop where the focusing is on helping business build and grow their own SMS Marketing campaigns and achieve success in this new marketing channel.

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