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I this website I have presented you with a lot of methods to legitimately make money online. However this article is about a brand new concept of reverse crowd funding. This is a social platform which completely resembles a healthy and a generous society, where there is a lot of space and opportunities available for every member. FundWok – this new innovation is revolutionizing the way online communities work.

FundWok is a complete win-win platform, unlike other freelance sites where the buyers can be mean, this reverse crowd funding platform caters equally to every kind of participants; be it the buyers, sellers, funders for social causes or volunteers. Unlike other freelancing portals like elance, freelancer or fiverr, you don’t need to list, then market and promote your services. Here the buyers list their requirement and you can apply or nominate other for those jobs. There are numerous online jobs offered by employers, the employers can choose from the applicants. The buyer get the right applicants and the sellers need not spend all their time in promoting their skill sets.

FundWok is not restricting itself to online jobs, it is a complete working online society by itself. The website has different interest groups like new ideas, business, creative work, lifestyle, education, gifts, animals  and travel, it also caters to people who fund for social causes and volunteers.

Making a living through FundWok is really easy. Their innovative online platform is intuitive, all you need to do is register, verify your account and apply for jobs. There are numerous jobs for people with different skills. You will never run out of jobs. You can get money even for a simple chores like posting comments in blogs. It effectively means you don’t need any qualification or high end skills to make money online. Once you build a network inside, you can also expect your friends and followers to nominate you for several jobs.

Like I said before this is a complete win-win platform, it helps the buyer as well. People who outsource services to take their business to the next level stand to benefit a lot out of this website. As an online marketer I have been outsourcing a lot of work online over the past decade, however choosing the right seller is still a big deal, because what we require as a buyer might be different to what the sellers are offering. However this innovative project provides a diametric change. We can now list our exact requirement and people who can offer that service can apply for the job. We can then pick and choose those who ideally fit our requirement. In other words you can be a reverse crowd funder.

I have do doubt in my mind that this website with such a novel concept will soon surpass some of the biggest online jobs portals of the world.

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