Online Recruitment Moving Forward at Pace

It is without doubt that employers everywhere are largely using online recruitment techniques as the primary method for searching for a staff member, who will become the ideal candidate to work for that company. Corporate websites are perhaps the most common feature as a method of attracting an employee who can make a difference to a company.

Online RecruitmentBut according to recent research only around 40 percent of all companies use social media as a form of recruitment. So there is clearly an area where employers and some online recruitment specialists could be missing a trick. There are now several areas on the internet where online recruitment can be made easier, cheaper and even outsourced. Using a recruitment company to find employees is no longer a case of picking up the phone and calling the local branch of the employment agency, companies now can head directly on to the web and register with a recruitment agency that will be skilled in finding the right candidates for that role a company needs to fill.

A simple method of a recruitment agency’s role is to receive from an employer the full details of a vacancy the firm wants to fill, there are forms to fill in – and online of course – that is usually very simple and straightforward. That part of the process is simple enough and after that the recruitment agency online gets the advertisement proof read, designed and developed to a standard it hopes will meet with the employer’s approval.

The adverts are then posted on a number of employment boards before any applicants are filtered during the application process. The careers are not just for administrative, IT, technical and clerical workers; it now expands to all trades including painters, decorators, construction, plumbing and scaffolding. It was not that long ago that painters, roofers, carpenters and labourers would often get recruited by a man down at the pub. Online recruitment agencies will now take care of all the applicants and size them up to see if they are fit for the role an employer is looking for.

The interview process still takes place as normal, but that is for now. In the future, employers may well take to video conferencing as a method to recruit an employee. The technology is moving in leaps and bounds, and it may well be possible for companies to recruit staff through a video interview and the work can often be carried out from home, providing an internet connection is all that’s needed.


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