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I don’t know about you …

… but I’m sick of all the sites that use “fake screenshots” and “bogus testimonials” to try to get you to buy their junk. The trend now is to sell an e-book with nothing to those who aspire to build an online business.

When my friend Paul – a true “super affiliate” – was almost ready to launch his new site, I told him he needed to show everyone a REAL LIVE VIDEO PROOF so they could see with their own eyes that he really did make $1,051,874 in 2007 from just one of his affiliate sites.

Check it out yourself and see what you think:

After seeing that I probably don’t need to tell you that Paul really does know how to make a ton of money online.

And his new site is pretty interesting – especially since he isn’t trying to sell anything, and won’t ask you for money. The training that he gives is absolutely free.

What he does do at his site is:

– Explain why he’s willing to help a stranger like you

– Tell you in very clear terms exactly what he’s offering

– Reveal a system you can use to make money right now

– …and help you get started immediately.

If you’re sick of all the hype and scams out there, I strongly recommend you check out Paul’s site right now.

Paul is the real deal, unlike 90% of other sites out there that rely on deceit and flat out lies to sell you their junk.

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