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Rank Builder 2.0 – Introduction

With every passing day people are coming up with new terms for effective Search Engine Optimization, irrespective of the names, the fundamental things required for good ranking remains the same. The real question though how you are going to do it? Spending hours creating new web properties like Web 2.0 sites, Social Bookmarking, RSS submissions, Video submissions, Press Release Submissions and Article Directory submissions. For Creating all these things for a single web page will take hours if not days. What if you have a tool that automatically submits your articles in article directories with a link back to your site, and create web 2.0 pages for you link wheel, submits your videos, submits press releases and RSS submissions all in a matter of few clicks. Rank Builder will do exactly this, let me be pretty honest with you, there are quite a few other software which can do the same or a little less when compared with Rank Builder. Certain things make Rank Builder to score over the competition.

Rank Builder – Do You Need it?

If you are going to create a 5 page website, and spam in a few places and expect results then you don’t need this tool. But if you have a vision and want your site to be on top of the search results then you should look at the avenues to get your website ranked. While content is obviously very important, it is not entirely sufficient to get your site ranked. So you need Tools and Rank Builder is one such tool. Rank Builder is not the best way to rank your site on top, it is always good to do the work manually, because the owners of the web 2.0 sites, aritcle directories and PR sites keep changing the algorithm every now and then, so any automated tool fails occasionally while submitting in few sites. So manual submission is the best, however since it is not manually possible to submit to 1000s of sites manually we need the tools

Rank Builder – Is it the Best SEO Tool

Let me be honest here, there are a few tools which are more powerful than Rank Builder, like Magic Submitter which is more powerful and feature rich and also cheaper than Rank Builder, but Rank Builder out scores magic submitter and others through the ease of usage. It is very easy to use Rank Builder even for noobs. You don’t even need to go through the manual to start using it. It is pretty self explanatory, and every module has a separate software to decrease the confusion while using them.

The other good thing about Rank Builder is they keep updating the software frequently.

Rank Builder – How much Does it Cost?

The cost of all the SEO tools today are on the higher side. Rank Builder is no exception, it costs 77 dollars a month. The major reason for this is, the developers need to update the software regularly because of the changes in the wen 2.0 and bookmarking sites. So If you are thinking about the price then you need to do a minor calculation. You can manually do everything, signing up in sites and posting over there, assuming that it takes 5 minutes for you to sign up, and another 5 minutes for you to post an article then to get 20 backlinks you will be spending around 3 hours of work, and to make your site an authority in your niche you will be needing thousands of backlinks, and for powerful keywords you will need even more. So it entirely depends on how much you value your time.

Where to buy Rank Builder

You can buy Rank Builder through here at www.rankbuilder.com. By proper usage of Rank Builder you can easily beat your competition even for highly competitive keywords. If you have bought Rank Builder and have some doubts in its usage or need some tips for effective implementation of Rank Builder, then you can get in touch with us.

Rank Builder - Search engine optimisation
Rank Builder - Search engine optimisation

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