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Do you wish you could publish thousands of articles online, with a minimal amount of effort?  With Magic Article Rewriter, you are able to do just that.  This excellent article rewriter by Alexander Krulik enables you to take your articles and transform them into seed articles that may be spun into tens of thousands of readable article variations.  You could potentially post one variation for a blog, submit several to article directories, and post another batch to web 2.0 properties.  By placing this extra content on highly ranked websites, you will be generating high quality backlinks back to your site which help to improve its rankings in the search engines.

Unlike other article spinners, Magic article rewriter 1.8.2 does not machine spin your articles.  You need to put in some work to ensure your articles are rewritten properly.  However, the software includes some really handy features that makes the spinning process much easier.  Usually, whenever you spin an article you have to manually insert the spin syntax manually, like red.  If you ever go through this process by hand, you will see this needs a combination of mouse clicks and typing that becomes extremely tedious after awhile.  Magic Article Rewriter solves this problem by including several features that make article rewriting a lot easier.

To make use of the software, first take one of the articles and input it into the program.  Activate the spinning tool and then select the text you would like to spin.  The software then shows you possible synonyms to select from to implement as a variation for the selected text.  Magic article rewriter 1.8.2 carries a inbuilt database of over 30,000 synoynms which makes it super simple to come up with alternate variations.  You can still select as many synonyms as you need, and they’re going to be inserted back into your article in spun format.  Using the spinning tool, you’ll go through your entire article and transform it in the correct spinning format.

What I like most about Magic Article Rewriter though is the token feature.  Basically it allows you to save your valuable preferred set of synonyms together as tokens.  For example, lets say you save the set of synonyms discovering as a token.  With a click of a button, the software will replace all the tokens you have saved with their associated variations.  So in my example, any instance of the word picking, choosing, or discovering will be replaced by picking.  As you use the software more and more, you will start to build up a large database of tokens, which makes spinning your articles that much faster.  This is the killer feature of Magic article rewriter 1.8.2 that other article rewriters can’t match.

Probably the greatest uses for Magic Article Rewriter is to prepare your article to be submitted to other Article Submission services like Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation, or even Alexander’s own Magic Article Submitter software.  These services take articles in spin format, and then submit them to hundreds if not thousands of blogs or article directories.  This is one of the most cheap ways to build thousands of backlinks back to your sites.  The problem is that these services don’t all use the identical spin format.  For instance, Unique Article Wizard uses the   spin format while AM Automation uses  ~  the spin format.  With Magic article rewriter 1.8.2, this doesn’t matter as you can export your articles into any format you like which is a big timesaver.

Magic Article Rewriter works for Windows systems only and you can purchase it for a one time fee of $47.  This price is almost nothing when compared with the time you will be save when spinning your articles.  Using this software you will be able to come up with thousands of unique articles in little or no time and you will find that it is an excellent way to develop backlinks to your sites.  Try Magic Article Rewriter today, and you’ll be glad you did.

Have a glimpse of what the latest software Article Rewriter 1.8.2 can do through this latest video released by Alexandr

Simply put this software can do the following things:

* Allow you to rewrite plr articles with ease
* Have total control over the words, sentences, grammar and structure of your articles,
* Create non-duplicate, totally unique articles,
* Spin anchor text within your articles,
* Spin url’s to your main site or any other page, deep linking,
* Spin whole sentences,
* Multi level nested spinning – spin sentences and then words in each spun sentence, phrases etc.
* Permit you to add your own words, synonyms to the data base,
* Inserts more descriptive words than you originally used,
* Improves your article content,
* Works directly from the desktop or notebook computer,
* Is a one time purchase for the complete working software,
* Spins hundreds, up to one thousand unique articles saved to one folder,
* Full copy and paste functions,
* Save you time,
* Make you money because you can expand your internet virtual real estate with posts, pages and articles.

You can buy it here

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