Small Business Marketing Ideas – 3 Ways to Keep Your Business Growing With Online Marketing

“Keep your business and your business will keep you.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

If you are like many American business owners you might have read or heard this quote before. You might even have known it was originally written by Benjamin Franklin. But you probably have let the true meaning of this bit of wisdom slip by you.

While most school kids know that Franklin was America’s first diplomat and one the most popular (both then and now) of our founding fathers, few people know that he was also America’s first self-made millionaire.

While Franklin’s quote is not as hip or cool sounding like other modern day buzzwords or internet marketing phrases, it still rings true.

And it is great way to remind yourself about the importance of keeping your business competitive and profitable so it can “keep you” and your family.

I believe one of the best ways to “keep your business” profitable is to regularly market and promote it using the Internet.

But too many business folks believe that continuous online promoting is too expensive or even off putting to some customers. Yet without you constantly getting the word out about your products or services, your company will quickly fade from the minds your customers.

So how can you break away from the crowd and make your products or services stand out?

Promote Your Business Online Tip# 1

Talk about the Pain. As human beings we are automatically hardwired to avoid painful situations and seek out pain-relief any where we can find it.

This is how prospective clients or customers think about you and your business. They have been burned before from dealing with dishonest or incompetent people, so they are naturally reluctant to just jump on board if they don’t know you.

But if you can “explain the pain” and communicate with people – i.e. show how your products or services can help solve their pains and problems, better or faster than anyone else, your message will cut through the clutter very quickly.

Promote Your Business Online Tip# 2

Turn your website into a central “hub” or “portal” for all your marketing, online or in the real world. Your website should become the destination for all your marketing or advertising efforts.

Use your website or blog like a “emergency help” center for solving customer problems. Use the 24/7 access your website has to give customers to answer all those stressful questions they always ask or show them how to solve minor issues without calling your office or visiting your staff.

Promote Your Business Tip# 3

Understand how vital a working website is to your business. The other day, I was visiting a client’s art gallery, where she was directing a group of visiting tourists to one of her artist’s showrooms. She didn’t carry a certain item they were interested in buying but she knew the artist had them in stock at their studio.

I watched one of the group’s husbands (the apparent navigator) patiently search out and download driving directions to the studio on his smartphone.

The man said, he always checked out a business’s website before they would drive out to shop at a store, due to the high price of gas and the couple’s limited vacation time.

This drove home for me, the point that from now on, websites are not just “nice-to-have’ items for small companies, but vital promotional tools that bring people into your local store or office.

By 2013, the experts estimate that there will be 1 billion mobile device users online. That is half of all 1.97 billion internet users and that’s more people looking for local products and services than there are people on Facebook or Twitter.

I realized then that no matter what type of business you might have, a fully functioning website that is clearly visible online via mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads or networks is going to the break-even point for many businesses.

So there you have it – 3 ways to keep your business going strong with online marketing.

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