Targeted Web Traffic: Would You Pay To Get It?

It is safe at this point not to assume that everyone knows that there exists paid methods that promise to get the investor targeted web traffic. For this reason, we will be pointing out which paid methods exist, how they work and then give their advantages and disadvantages. It will then be up to you to decide whether these methods are worth your investment or not. Let’s get to the point.

1. Paid SEO services

There are companies that claim to be search engine optimization experts and sell their services to other websites. When you contract these companies, they do everything possible to get your website a high page ranking. They achieve this by carrying out a wide range of activities which may include a complete overhaul of your website, of course keeping the niche and products in mind.


i. You do not have to learn anything to do with web traffic generation by search engine optimization. Just pay and wait for the rest to be achieved.

ii. Most of these companies give you a guarantee and you only pay the complete amount after your website gets the rank you desire.

iii. The results show up pretty fast


i. Their services can get really expensive especially if they have to do an overhaul of your website.

ii. Search engine algorithms change often. This may make your page slip down the page rank with time forcing you to pay for the services again.

iii. Some dubious companies use unethical methods to get your website a high PR. This may result in your page being penalized by search engines once this is discovered.

iv. Your web content is altered in the case of a complete overhaul. The content generated this way may not be beneficial to your visitors. In this case, even though you will get web traffic, it would be very difficult to convert the new visitors into actual buyers.

2. Banner advertisements

This is where you identify a popular website in your niche and buy advertising space from them in the hope that you will get the people visiting the website to click on your advertisement and be redirected to your website. You pay the website an agreed amount of cash depending on the amount of time that your banner shows on their website.

The advantage of this method is that if it turns out to be successful, you could be having targeted web traffic that is easy to covert. The disadvantage is that unless your website turns out to be better than the one on which you have placed the advert, people would always prefer buying from the popular website.

3. Pay per click

This is the most popular method of getting web traffic by paying. You simply pay search engines so that your website gets listed at the top of the search results.

The advantage with this method is that you can have volumes of traffic a short time after your website gets listed. The method is however very expensive especially when using popular search engines. The fact that you pay for every click on your advert is also a big disadvantage since you will have to pay even if the click was from a kid playing on the internet.

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