Three Things An Online Marketing Company Can Do Apart From Building Websites

When you think of an online marketing company you probably think of web design and website building but their services shouldn’t stop there. Having a website, contrary to what some small business owners might naively believe, is no guarantee of online sales or even of visitors to the website. Any responsible online marketing company should explain to that your website will not automatically appear on page 1 of the Google search results when a user types in the name of one of the products you sell.

1. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the name of the practices undertaken to try and improve the ranking of a website in Google and other search engines. In short, a better, higher ranking puts your website (and therefore your products) in front of more users, who are more likely to click through and therefore buy, making your website work harder and improving your return on investment. Online marketing companies almost always offer SEO services, but beware. Some unscrupulous companies are secretive in the methods they use and may employ tactics which are frowned upon by Google and which may give a short term ranking improvement but make for a longer term drop or even the penalty of being removed from Google’s index altogether.

2. E-mail marketing

When SEO has been taken care off (although it is an on-going, constant process, so don’t be tempted to shelve it as hard work could easily be undone), think about keeping in touch with your clients. E-mail marketing is a wonderful way of keeping customers informed of special offers, new products or just latest news. Online marketing companies offer design and even copywriting of e-mail newsletters. They can also help you to monitor your e-mails, allowing you to see who opens them and who doesn’t as well as monitoring click through rates. This allows you to monitor the return on your investment.

3. Social Media Marketing

More and more companies have a presence on the big social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Whilst social media marketing isn’t for every company in every business, many businesses can benefit from using it. An online marketing company is a good place to seek help and advice with your social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter allow companies the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with their clients, and in this respect it is very different from conventional forms of marketing. Already, businesses without a social presence are beginning to be left behind.

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