Get Paid for Taking Surveys

One of the oldest methods to get rewards and money is selling your opinions. However lately there are huge number of scam sites in the name of paid surveys sites. There are still a good number of reputed and trusted sites that offer real money and real rewards, you should be careful enough to weed out the scam sites and select the trusted sites. For long we have been promoting Cashcrate as there are a lot of happy members there.

Currently the best site which offers real money, prepaid visa cards and gift cards as rewards is myview. Check it out here Join The Research Panel Now

This offer is for the residents of the United States, another good survey site which pays good amount for surveys along with rewards is My Surveys they offer surveys to both the US residents and Canadian Residents. However if you are not from the US, then there are few other sites which can help you to make money online by taking surveys. Check them here.

1) Canada
Survey Site for English Speaking Residents
Survey Site for French Speaking Residents
Survey Site for Everyone

2) United Kingdom
Survey site for UK residents

3) Finland
Survey site for Finland Residents

4) Netherlands
Survey Site for Netherlands residents

5) Germany
Survey site for Germany Residents

6) South Korea
Survey Site for South Koreans

7) Switzerland
Survey Site for Switzerland residents