Do People Really Make a Living Trading Forex?

I’ve seen it asked many times, “Do people really make a living trading forex?”

Frankly, most people who try to make a living by trading forex exclusively don’t make it (but there’s a reason for that I think – see below). However, I do know a few people who are actually able to make incredible money with forex working only part-time so it is definitely possible.

I want to share with you what I have personally observed – why some people are more successful with forex than others – and what eventually led me to trade forex the way I do.

Most people who try to make good money with forex go about it by first learning everything they can. They literally stay up nights and sacrifice weekends reading books on the subject. I have friends who I consider to be really intelligent who simply can’t seem to make enough in the forex market to turn it into a living or even make enough to justify the time they spend on it.

However, I had one online friend who started making amazing amounts of profit with forex. But… she did not do it by reading books! She did it by receiving forex signals from a very advanced forex trader. She received these signals in real time so she could copy everything he was doing. At first, she did this in a demo account because she didn’t want to risk losing her money before testing it out. However, it didn’t take her long to figure out that if she had been using real money she would have made a small fortune over a very short period of time. In fact, it was so profitable she would have made more money in a a few days than she had been able to do over the previous several months.

My friend immediately switched gears and started trading exclusively the forex signals that were being sent to her and now she makes many times over what she would actually need to live on. Of course, she turned me on to this amazing strategy as well (thank you!!). I probably never would have done much with forex otherwise.

What we have both learned since is that copying a truly successful forex expert’s signals on a regular basis is by far the best way to learn how to trade forex. You just can’t learn how to turn forex into a profitable endeavor by reading a book – or several books! It’s a “hands-on” activity and is best learned by jumping in and doing it. However, if you do on your own, you can lose a lot of money while learning so I HIGHLY recommend this strategy of getting real time forex signals sent to you from an expert Forex trader. It’s like having training wheels on while you learn and you get to make a lot of money while you’re learning instead of continually losing your investment.

Here is the very best forex signal service. I have tested it thoroughly and I find it to deliver the most profitable signals on the most consistent basis – and in real time so you can copy him trade for trade.

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