How To Copy a Gifted Forex Trader EXACTLY

More than 2.5 TRILLION dollars moves through the forex market every day. The profit that a truly gifted forex trader can make on any day is staggering. Most people get into forex because they know that some people are making an absolute fortune with it and they want to make a nice profit too. Many of these new investors astutely realize that the best way to make good money with forex is to copy someone who is already making good money with it.

However, there is one big problem!

The way many new investors go about trying to copy an expert doesn’t really copy them EXACTLY or even come close enough for them to make much money. Some of them end up losing their investment(s) entirely in fact.

Let me explain.

Usually they buy the “trading system” of a well-known and very successful forex trader. But… and this is a BIG but… the form that they buy the system in doesn’t allow them to copy the method EXACTLY.

Most people buy the expert trading system in one of 3 forms: a printed book written by a expert, an electronic book written by an expert, or automated software that is supposed to be designed after an expert’s “proven strategy.”

None of the common methods above allow a person to truly copy what an expert does EXACTLY – trade for trade.

Let me explain further.

The forex market is constantly making small shifts and over the course of a week or two these small shifts often add up to a fairly major shift. Then there are also the unexpected news events to contend with that can turn the market in very unexpected ways. A truly gifted forex trader is able to think on his feet as this very dynamic market changes and adjust his strategy accordingly.

Books and software don’t adjust themselves so you end up with an overall impression of a successful strategy but you do not get the day to day EXACT strategy – which is the missing element to making really good profit by copying a truly gifted forex expert.

You simply can NOT copy someone’s strategy EXACTLY by reading their book or using software designed after their strategy. The human brain is vastly superior in terms of making the day to day tweaks in a strategy that keeps it a winning strategy in a market that changes as quickly and as often as the forex market changes.

Regardless of how well tested forex software is, it can not “anticipate” unexpected changes and shifts and drifts in the market – only a real human being with a real knack for trading can do this. Even if the software is updated frequently, it can’t match exactly what a real trader does. This is why people never make much (and sometimes lose their investment) trying to use software to match a successful trader. It just doesn’t work well.

Of course books and training courses can’t follow exactly an expert trader’s every move either. Books can teach you some basic theoretical principles but THEORY doesn’t cut it when it comes to trading forex.

The only way to truly copy a gifted forex trader EXACTLY is to have them send you signals in real time. Not many of the top forex traders are willing to do this but fortunately a few are (to get them you just subscribe to their service). If you copy exactly their exact signals that they send you, you can easily make more profit than you’ve probably ever experienced before – and you will learn more – much more – than you could ever learn from a book because you will be seeing EXACTLY what they do in response to the changing market – trade for trade.

Here is the very best forex signal service. I have tested it thoroughly and his signals delivers the most profitable forex trades on a very consistent basis – and in real time so you can copy him exactly trade for trade.

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