Bookmarking Demon – Best Social Bookmarking Tool Review

What is a Social Bookmarking Tool:

If you are looking for a social bookmarking tool, then it is obvious that you know what social bookmarking is, so let me keep it very brief. There are 1000s of bookmarking sites in the web, and it is important for a new website to bookmark the web-pages in these bookmarking sites. These bookmarking sites will give you traffic as well help you in getting your pages indexed. So bookmarking is an important cog in the wheel of Search Engine Optimization.

Bookmarking Demon and Automation in Social Bookmarking

The beauty of the internet is, it offers a level playing field. You can set up an e-store and compete with the like of walmart and co. If you do the basics right, the the search engines will rank you high and you can get truckloads of traffic. However the catch is doing the basics right, and what if every competitor of yours are doing the basics right, at the end of the day the first page of any search engine is going to give only 10 results. So in addition to doing the basics right you should also do it in a scale which your competitors cannot.

Creating good content is a pre-requisite for good ranking however the differentiating factor is the authority and the trust rank of the site. This can only be increased by high quality backlinks from top websites. Any top website which ranking consistenly on the the top of the search engine will have 1000s of backlinks, and it is impossible for a newbie to manually create backlinks and compete with these sites. It will takes months to create so many backlinks, and this is where automation plays a part in helping you reach the top quickly.

In a previous article I have written about Building Link Pyramids and Using automation tools like Magic Submitter to create diverse links. While Magic Submitter isr a one time payment unlike most seo tools which are subscription based.

Bookmarking Demon: Explained

The following video explains how to operate bookmarking demon. Though all the software providers will claim that their software is 100% automated, every software requires a particular amount of human work. Likewise this software too requires us to fill in the details once, details like email address, visual aid details and the webpage details (the webpage that you want to bookmark). Once that is over, the rest will be done by the software. You can bookmark your website in 1000s of bookmarking site without any work. Bookmarking Demon will do everything, from filling in the registration form, filling in the captcha, verifying your email and then posting your bookmark.

Bookmarking Demon: Cost and Suggestion

If you are a newbie, then you will feel that $147 is on the higher side, but the fact is the learning curve is quite short and you can make the money back quickly. In addition to doing seo to your websites, you can also sell bookmarking service to others and you will get back your investment in under 30 days if you do the things right. In my opinion the price is fair and not high.

Bookmarking Demon comes with 100 top bookmarking sites by default, but you can add any number of bookmarking sites like pligg sites, scuttle sites and phpdug sites. I have developed a good list high pr sites, which you can add to the Bookmarking Demon. You can contact us and request for the 2000+ compatible social bookmarking sites list after downloading Bookmarking Demon. You can also request for a free training on using Bookmarking Demon through our Contact Page and one of our staff members will get in touch with you and you can get an One hour training.

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Bookmarking Demon - Review

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