Can the SEO Companies and Experts be Trusted?

If you are a webmaster then you would have experienced this. Everyday you get lot of messages to your inbox persuading you to try their SEO service with a free site audit. Many of my clients have been carried away by their promises that they opted for the SEO consultancy and had very bad results. Since many of my clients had doubts regarding the whole link building process and SEO. I recently conducted an exclusive webinar for them, here in this post I am sharing a few of the points discussed in the webinar.

Good vs Bad Links for SEO:

The biggest concern for everyone of my clients was; “What will happen to my site’s ranking if my site is back-linked in spam sites, or sites with adult content?”. This is a genuine concern, as the people whom you hire to do SEO for your sites might spam other sites with your link and can get 1000s of back-links from irrelevant sites, can do comment spamming and so on.

Now the question is, will your site be deindexed for this? The answer is ‘No’. This is because if any process has the ability to spoil your ranking and get your site de-indexed then anyone can kill their competition by doing it on their competition. Assume that X and Y are competitors, and X is taking site Y’s url and creating 1000s of backlinks in irrelevant and junk sites, then the site of Y should be de-indexed for no mistake of Y. So Google and all other search engines will not let that happen.

Can Competitors Harm Ranking?

There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index. If you’re concerned about another site linking to yours, we suggest contacting the webmaster of the site in question. Google aggregates and organizes information published on the web; we don’t control the content of these pages. (Google Source)

However there can be a negative impact in an indirect way. While you will not be negatively affected by poor link building, but there won’t be any positive movement in your ranking and if you competitors are doing their SEO correctly, then they will out rank you easily. So it is important to do the SEO yourself or through a trusted SEO company/expert. You need to show more caution as the New York Times exposed link spamming by some very high profile online retailers, most likely through paid links. Paid links are when someone pays a website for a link to their own for the purpose of improving search engine rank, a practice which search engines might consider webspam.

How to Spot a fake SEO expert/Company?

SEO Companies and ExpertsThere are plenty of scammers in the online marketing business and just as many unqualified practitioners who do not realize that they are clueless. The moment you come across promises like “Search Engine Submission” and profile links, you can be sure that they are newbies with very little SEO knowledge. There are 100s of SEO tools, and these grab a couple and do SEO without considering any other factors.

It is usually pretty easy to spot the really bad SEOs. They are the ones making wild promises of overnight top Google positions, guaranteed search engine rankings, and internet marketing success beyond your wildest dreams – all for a ridiculously low price. But even some of the more legitimate SEO companies should be seriously scrutinized. Some of them may have known what they were doing at one time, but search engine marketing is a constantly changing landscape. What worked great to get a website to the top of Google last month may get your website banned from the search engines today. Google is coming up with a new algorithm in the name of panda update every two weeks. A good SEO expert is someone who will never use black hat methods and will adapt to changing times.

My rule of thumb is if someone can rank a site for your in a competitive niche then he surely must have a very good rank for his own website. Check for his rank for keywords related to SEO, if he is not ranking at all then forget about him. It always amazes me how people try to find SEO experts and want to pay peanuts. If some one can rank a site for a high competitive keyword in google search then he can make more than 1000 dollars  a day just through adsense. So don’t get carried away by cheap SEO. There is nothing like Cheap SEO.

Many SEOs have techniques they would rather not make public, but when it comes to working with clients there should be no secrets. Don’t expect your SEO consultant to give you every little detail about what they do for your web site, but you have the right to know what techniques are being implemented and what it means to your website. You deserve an SEO that is open and honest with you. Bad SEOs want to keep you uniformed in order to avoid accountability.

Conclusion: First focus on your Onsite SEO, make sure you have quality and useful information for your visitors and then if you are still finding it hard to rank, then it means your competition is tough and only then you should opt for an SEO expert. Find a good SEO expert who is relatively well known in the industry and discuss every aspect of SEO and his methodology before placing an order with him. You can get in touch with me if you have any doubts through the contact page

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