Choosing The Right SEO Company

Even a new web start up company will know something about SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of processes which when done correctly can help a website to rank on the top of search results.  However there are two types of SEO; one is the white hat technique which complies with all the right methods suggested by most search engines world over and the other is the black hat method. The black hat method is more like a quick fix, it might provide you a temporary boost in rankings but that will eventually drop later or sometime might get your website penalized by search engines. There are several cases where websites got de-indexed completely for such practice.

Choosing the Right SEO CompanyIt is now two years since Google came up with the Panda Algorithm update. Google is now very strict with websites having unnatural links and those that promote web-spam.  Matt Cutts the head of webspam department at Google recently updated, that Google is going to take the battle against webspam to a whole new level by coming up with algorithm updates more frequently.

If you are web master and if you want to outsource all your optimization activities to another company then make sure you hire the right SEO company, that will use only white hat techniques. Choose an SEO company that is completely transparent; the company should reveal and share the things that they do for better ranking.

However you can also do the basic onsite optimization by yourself. Today most search engines give a lot of importance for onsite optimization. The following are some of the important steps for better onsite optimization;

1) Good Content: Content is the king and it will always remain the most important factor for ranking.

  • Right Keywords & Density: Choosing the right keywords and correct keyword density is important. One should not stuff the article with keywords. Most experts do agree that the keyword density of an article should be around 1.5-3%.
  • Meta Tags: Meta tags are not as important as they used to be. However they are still relevant and having the right meta tags is important.
  • Quality Content: At the end of the day the information you provide to the visitor should be useful and of high quality. SEs give a lot of importance for this factor, so a well written and a grammatically correct article will help you to achieve better rankings.

2) Design of the Web Site: Web design and analytics are highly important.

  • Page Speed: Websites which load faster are ranked better. Page Speed is an important factor and Google offers a page speed test to find out all the methods to make your webpage load faster. Make use of that free tool for better optimization.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: Your web design should be engaging so that the visitor will view more pages from your site resulting in a lower bounce rate.
  • Navigation: Your website should have a proper navigation structure and no broken links. A better structure will also make the visitor spend more time in your site. It is also better to have an XML sitemap for your website, as that will aid the search engine bots for better crawling.

A good onsite optimization and hiring a trusted SEO company can help you rank your website quickly.

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