Foolproof 6 Months SEO & Marketing Campaign by Bulldog Digital Media

It goes without saying that SEO is not what it used to be. A few years back a website with good keyword density and contextual authority links were sufficient to achieve good search engine rankings. However Google is frequently updating its algorithm thereby making the process of SEO a new game altogether. Google has updated its algorithm around 600 times last year. The importance given to various factors keep changing with every update. However one factor is always given its due importance and that is social signals. Keeping your social media audience engaged is very important as that can improve your SEO in addition to increasing the targeted traffic.

Review of Bulldog Digital Media:

Gareth Bull
Gareth Bull, Director of Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog Digital Media was founded by Gareth BULL, the charismatic Director and the driving force behind the phenomenal growth of the company. Bulldog provides almost all the services essential to improve your business’ online performance, however the one area where they are head and shoulders about the rest is the Social media management and SEO.

They are extremely effective in local SEO, and provide cost effective social media marketing and SEO solutions for businesses in Southend, Essex and other counties within the United Kingdom. Gareth has created a Christmas marketing plan for online businesses, it is a comprehensive multi-facet SEO approach for 6 months starting from July. Check the following infographic to know more about how this foolproof SEO works.

The difference between the service of Bulldog and that of others is the importance given for competitor research. Over the course of 6 months they will keep monitoring the competitors’ performance and their web analytics. This is very important because any SEO strategy will be incomplete without analyzing what the competitors are doing, as the fight for the space in the first page of SERPs is phenomenal.

They also provide other services like making your website mobile ready, creating attractive landing pages (with higher conversion rate), adding fresh and relevant content to your pages. Though the primary focus of this Christmas marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website, they also focus on proper monetization of your website and paid search traffic. Proper monetization techniques coupled with advertising dollars spent wisely on paid search can maximize the revenues generated from your website.

I can safely conclude that this Christmas marketing plan by Bulldog digital media is one of its kind and will be truly effective.


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