Google Page Rank (PR) Reset to 0 for every website

Google today rest the PR for all the websites to N/A (just like a new domain name). A move that sent shock waves among website flippers (those who buy and sell websites). Google for some time now stressing on the fact that PR is just a number and not a yardstick for a site’s authority. However it still remains as an important yardstick in finding out the value of a website. People who buy or sell a website determine the value of the website based on the income, earning potential, domain name and the page rank. People or indecisive now and are looking for new ways to evaluate a website.

Google PR update – Intentional or Unintentional

SEO Companies and ExpertsThere are 3 possibilities

Case 1. Google did reset all PR
Case 2. Google dropped pr algorithm completely.
Case 3. This is a temporary server downtime

Case 3 never happened before on such scale. Case 1 makes no sense. Case 2 looks more logical as they have already stated tons of time that pr algorithm is dropped. However they were still showing PR in toolbar. PR never had any link with the SERPs a pr 0 website often ranked high in the SERPs. However it eased out the process of finding and building quality links, and hence remained as an invaluable yardstick for SEO consultants and service providers for building quality back-links.

Therefore this move is going to bring huge changes in link acquisition and SEO industry. Google already with Panda Updates are playing around with the SERPs and making the life of SEO experts difficult and with this move many people are going to lose their earnings specially link sellers. People buy paid links for their sites and have ranked easily in short time.

What should be the new approch

Though the PR of all the sites are reset to 0, the authority of the sites will remain, people can either use seomoz for finding the authority rank of a website in which you are planning to buy a link. So you can follow new yardsticks like moz rank, link count and other ranks. Also try to buy links from the site that rank highly for a particular keyword.

SEOmoz authority rank is a more accurate metric than PR in regards to a pages backlinking power, hopefully that will become the new yardstick. Anyone who knows what they are doing will look at that number more closely than PR.

Google PR – Latest Update

Google has the PR still intact. However you can now access the page rank only through Google Toolbar and not through any other pr checking tools/software. This will now lead to massive changes in SEO software and link-building businesses that use these software to build links. But this is the right time to move away from Google page-rank and start focusing more on authority back-links rather than high pr back-links.

All the best for your SEO success

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