How Cheap SEO Services Help Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization:

Among marketers and even online Marketers, Search Engine Optimization is not getting its due. People still think that advertising and marketing is all about billboards, television ads, or radio commercials. While the new age marketers are still using adwords as the major form of advertising. Lets face it, banner ads are not working anymore, 90% of the people who browse online are ad blind, their subconscious will not permit them to even look at what a banner ad is saying. Today the best way to reach the target audience is through Search Engine Optimization and ranking the site right at the top of google search engine results. Let us see some statistics, out of all the search engines which the people use 66% of them use Google to get the information. 42% of the people who click on the websites on google search click the first result. So it is not only important to be on the first page of google but one should target the first position in Google. About 90% of the people use google to find local businesses and services, and only 7 percent of these businesses are doing SEO and get free quality traffic from Google. So Optimizing your website to rankhigh in the Google rankings will exponentially increase your traffic.

How to do Search Engine Optimization:

Even if you own a website for your business, you are mostly reliant on a third person to run your website. You will be getting hardly a few visitors a day. If you do the basic SEO correctly, then you can get 1000s of visitors for your website. Instead of you looking out for buyers, the buyers will search for you and visitor your website. This can exponentially increase your earnings. The best part is the visitors coming from top search engines are much more likely to purchase your service or product. If they are clicking your website instead of others, then they are already showing keen interest in your product/service so the conversion rate will be higher. Now coming to the question of how to do search engine optimization; It is not an easy job to do a complete SEO. A search engine will respect to your site only when you have good authority for the keywords. You can achieve that authority by

1) When there are lot of other good sites link back to your site.
2) You content is well optimized. With proper H1, H2, H3 tags, correct keyword density, proper formatting, usage of correct tags for images and so on.
3) Good navigation and internal linking.

Achieving the things related to your site can be done using a good webmaster, however the off site things like buiding backlinks and Link Pyramids cannot be done by you completely. One can create 10s, or even 100 back links, but search engines are looking for 1000s of backlinks, So you should look out for SEO Services.

Alternative to SEO Services

There are quite a few alternatives for SEO services. Even if you cannot afford a Cheap SEO Service, you can very well acquire a few tools that can help you get all your SEO work done in a matter of few clicks. I you can read the article about creating Link Pyramids using tools like Rank Builder or Magic Submitter. These tools can aid you in fulfilling all your SEO needs and are a good alternative for an SEO Service.

Cheap SEO Service

SEO is a long term marketing strategy. You cannot reach the top of Google ranking in a matter of few weeks, it will take months to reach the top. Once you achieve that, then you need not worry about you advertising costs. You will continue to get visitors for free without spending a dime more on acquiring new customers. Google Adwords or traditional marketing is quite costly, AdWords can cost you anywhere from 50 cents to 50 dollars per click. Unless you have a great conversion rate or an amazing product you cannot run the campaign with much success, in addition to spending a lot of money, you will end up losing a lot of opportunity.

Finding a cheap SEO company that does quality work is difficult to find. The top SEO companies won’t work for under $20,000 a month and even after charging this amount they will not guarantee an improvement in your Search Results. This makes all the small and mid sized companies to struggle. So for the small businesses which cannot afford huge investment we are offering our SEO services at a highly discounted rate.

If you are looking for cheap seo services and cannot handle the SEO yourself, then do contact us using the contact page for getting a free audit of your site. We offer very cheap and high quality SEO services. Cheap SEO Service doesn’t necessarily means low quality SEO service. We will show full results before getting the final payment from you. Every report of back link generation, and improvement of rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) will tracked and reported for you.

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