How do Social Networking Sites Help for SEO And Internet Marketing?

This article is written by Adriana Noton on Search Engine Optimization about How do Social Networking Sites Help for SEO.

There is more to SEO than just putting keywords in appropriate places. SEO and internet marketing techniques are constantly evolving with the changes that happen across the web.

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Digg now dominate the lives of many net users. It seems that everyone has their own Twitter, Facebook, or Digg account among other networking sites. Some of these sites have millions of members and billions of traffic, sometimes surpassing even the most popular search engine. This means that social networking sites need to be an integral part of your SEO and marketing plan whether you like it or not.

The immediate advantage of using social networking sites is to create links back to your website or web pages for free, without breaking any rules. Creating back links is an important part of Search Engine Optimization and sometimes it can be hard to find a place where you can add your links with permission.

Another advantage is sharing links with your friends so that you will get instant view from them. As you expand your network, you will get more followers who might be interested in what you offer. They also can be a valuable source of information for you.

Aside from sharing links and information, social networking sites are great place to interact with your customers. You can ask for their input, comment, or opinion without clustering your own web pages. People are more likely to participate in the sites they frequently visit, such as their favorite social networking sites, rather in other websites.

There are several social networking sites that are essential for your networking and marketing needs. These are Digg, Twitter, and Facebook. The trend might change in the future, but for now, these sites dominate the social networking aspects of the internet.

First thing to do is to create your account in all these sites. You can create a personal account or use your business account. In Facebook, you cannot create business account without first having a personal account. After that, you can create as many business pages as you like. It is recommended that you only create one page for one business to avoid confusion and to focus your marketing effort.

After you create your account, fill in all information and your profile as complete and truthful as possible for your business pages and account. You may choose to share only a part of none of your personal details for security reason, but leaving your business profile blank may cause skepticism in people’s mind about your business. They might question if your business is legitimate or just a spam bot trying to get some views.

Make connection to people you know first, your friends, coworkers, acquaintances, customers, family, or business partners. Update your business page or account frequently. Share links to your newest update on your website or new offer. Participate in discussions and answer any question your followers ask you. Follow other people to see what they are up to, share information, and expand your network.

These are the first steps to build your presence in the social networking sites for SEO and internet marketing purpose. It takes a while to get solid followers, but when you do, the result will be worth the effort you have put in.

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