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So, you have set up your website, and created a few posts to put on your blog. The whole thing is looking just how you want it to but no one is actually seeing it. Frustrating isn’t it!? The reason for this is pretty simple – Google.

People are not getting directed to your site because they are using the biggest search engine out there. In order for your site to be found by the Google spiders you need to ‘index’ it with them. This isn’t to say that the search engine will not find your brilliant new site eventually but it speeds the whole process up and you want to get people there as soon as possible.

It really is pretty simple to get indexed with Google too. If you type into your URL you will go to the site. You need to register if you do not already have a Google account. If you do have an account, then you can log in through this.

Click through to You ‘Add Site’ and you will then need to verify that you are indeed the site owner. You do this by one of three methods – uploading an HTML file to your server, adding a Meta tag from your home page or linking to your Google analytics account. Congratulations – You are indexed!!

SEO Tips for Getting Indexed by Google:

Now, the challenge is to boost your sites ranking and get it onto the first page on the Google search results page. We call this your Page Rank and there are a few methods to improve this. Here are a couple:

Links:- It’s all about links to your site. Basically put each link from another site into your website increase the reputation with Google. Think of these links as the span of a web. The further your web ‘spreads’ the bigger Google sees its popularity.

Make Friends:- Make friends with other bloggers who are interested in similar things to your site. When they put up a post, comment on it. Maybe even ask them to do a guest post on your site OR vice versa. Basically, you are creating links to your site through theirs.

Keywords;- Use keywords on your website that people are going to be using when they are searching in Google. Use these words in your title, contact and the big headlines in your website. There are tools that can help you here. WordTracker or Market Samurai are two that can help you here.

Good content:- This seems simple and as basic as it comes but it is your bread and bitter. The better your content and the keywords you use in it, the more pages that Google will index in its search.

By indexing your website with Google and investing in some hard work and patience you will see your site show up higher and higher in the search results. This will ultimately give you traffic to your blog too.

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