How to use Youtube to improve Ecommerce sales

It can be difficult to know where to start when developing videos to drive your sales. A lot will depend on the type of ecommerce site you are operating. However, some guidelines apply to all sites.

  • A great starting point is to think of the most frequently asked questions about your ecommerce business and to go from there. Adopt a pleasant conversational tone and discuss matters such as shipping options, delivery times and other regularly asked queries. This will get you used to talking to the camera and more comfortable in the presenting role.
  • Keep it natural. People will be wary if your video is over produced and they may dismiss it as online advertising. Remember that your aim is to show the real faces behind your business and to develop a relationship between you and potential buyers.
  • Be careful of going too far in the opposite direction though – make sure your lighting and sound are of good quality. If you are unable to edit video to anappropriate standard it might be worth using a professional service to obtain a good end result.
  • Think about whom your customer base is, and then use that information to set the tone and content of your videos. A customer base of middle aged women will want a different kind of video experience to the one that 18 – 25 year old men might enjoy.
  • If you are selling a product that would benefit from being seen in action then make a video demonstration of the item in use, taking the opportunity to show its operation and benefits.
  • Use your video content to enhance the shopping cart experience of your current customers, while also providing useful information for potential new customers. Ensure you start each video at the beginning, and that you set the context for your product and business for newcomers.
  • Avoid over complicating your video and use simple everyday examples of both questions and product use. You do not want to intimidate or scare off the viewer with jargon or too much technical information.
  • Since video is a visual medium, use this to your benefit if you are demonstrating a product. Show the features of your product range to your audience rather than telling them via narration. Keep your use of voice overs during demonstrations to a minimum.
  • Avoid overuse of on screen text. Make sure any text that you use enhances your video content ratherthan detracting from it. Focus on the audio visual element of your video production
  • Keep your videos succinct and to the point. Many people will be put off at the prospect of sitting through a 30 minute video but will happily give a 5 minute video a chance.
  • Pace your content evenly throughout your video, don’t rush to include too much information or you will confuse your viewers. Striking the right balance will take practice.
  • Be aware of SEO. Include keywords in your video description and make sure to back links to your site or the product page that relates to the topic of your video.

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