Four Outdated Link Building Strategies

Link Building was and is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. It is a job that takes time as well as resources. SEO gained importance with the coming of Google who changed the way people search. When compared to their algorithms back in 1998 they are ultra advanced now. Ironically people are still using old methods of link building which gave them great results that time. Following such methods now do nothing other than wasting your time and resources. Some of such methods are listed below.

1. Directory Submission:

I think this is the oldest link building technique in web. All you have to do here is to find relevant web directories and submit your website to the right category. Now there are thousands of web directories and people use mass submission methods like automated submissions for listing. Due to this mass usage search engines have considerably reduced the value of such links. But still, though not considered as a ranking factor, paid listings in popular web directories can drive a good amount of traffic to your websites and that is the only advantage of directory submissions now.

PS: If your website is new and has no links pointing to it directory submission can give you an initial boost in rankings (Something is better than nothing), but it is not worth the time you spent for it.

2. Social Bookmarking:

Getting your website listed in Social bookmarking websites like Digg and Mixx is another common link building method. It is still a ranking factor for search engines but merely an inclusion in a book marking website do no wonders. The ranking signals are now modified and the links are valuable only if the story you submit becomes popular in that website. So try this only if you have a good story.

3. Blog commenting:

Another easy but useless link building method. Just like it sounds you submit your website url along with the content of your comment. But unfortunately most popular blogs have no-follow tags in their comments section so no luck in getting some PR juice for your website. But if done properly people may click on your links and reach your website.

4. Link Requests:

I get a lot of emails from people requesting to link to their websites. There is nothing wrong with requesting a link from a website similar to yours but what is the point of linking to a website with an alien niche? This is not only annoying but also useless in terms of search engine optimization.

Instead of spending your valuable time on outdated link building methods try what are working now.

Mejason John,
Internet Marketing India

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