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Google is regularly updating their algorithm, naming them as panda and penguin. The requirements of the search engines keep evolving regularly for better visitor experience, however one thing will remain as a prerequisite for good ranking and that is high quality back-links to the webpage. It is very important to build good number of high quality back-links, in addition to quality content. If you are entering in to a new niche then search for the keyword that you are targeting and check the backlinks of the top ranking websites. Those websites will have 1000s of backlinks, you can check the backlinks of any website thorugh Yahoo Site Explorer (Yahoo Site Explorer is shut down after merging with bing, you now instead use Bing Webmaster Tools).

However if you want to build such backlinks it will take months of hard work. Today numerous internet marketers are opting to employ a part time worker for every website to carry out their back-linking routines such as RSS feeds and forum submissions. Those who can’t afford a full time employee may decide instead to pay monthly fees for a web service to submit the content for them. Unfortunately, many website owners eventually ascertain that backlink services are not commonly worth the cost after losing hundreds of dollars into it. So, the best way out is to have a tool which is under your control to do all the work while you just monitor the success rate. There are a few good SEO automation tools, if you are not quite good with using tools then you can go for Rank Builder, but if you know what you are doing and you need the most powerful software to run your back linking campaigns then the best tool for you is Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter – What it does?

A good SEO expert will tell you that the critical factors in off site SEO are

1) Number of Authority back links

2) Relevancy of backlinks

3) Link Velocity – Any link building should be natural, in other words you should not add a 1000 back-links in one hour. So the link building should happen over a period of time.

4) Link diversity – A website should have links from a diverse link source, like article directories, RSS directories, forums, comments, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarks, video sharing sites, pdf sharing sites, wordpress blogs and so on

5) Link Pyramid or a good link structure. You need to have a good link structure with multi-level back links.

Magic Submitter effectively does all these things by just a click of a button (of course you need to initially set it up). It gets you authority backlinks, you can select the sites based on relevancy, you can control the link velocity by scheduling the entire submission process. For link diversity Magic Submitter is the best tool available as it has 12 different categories to submit. You can design your own link pyramid structure using the campaign module, just drag and drop the web properties and connect them the way you want. The software also learns new submission methods automatically, and you can add or remove websites. In addition to building backlinks one should get the backlinks indexed, only then there is any use of building backlinks, for the backlinks to be crawled and indexed we have a few techniques and one of them is collecting the backlinks and create an rss feed out of the backlinks. After creating a new RSS feed, that feed should be submitter to the RSS Directories again, this will get the backlinks to be indexed by the search engines.

Magic Submitter – A video Explanation:

The video below shows  how you can set up a campaign that can build you backlinks over 6 days (you can also increase or decrease the link building speed) as it is not advisable to build all your links at once.

Magic submitter has 12 modules (you can add mode modules if you want)

  1. Article Directories
  2. Blogs
  3. RSS Directories
  4. PR Sites (Press release sites)
  5. PDF Sharing sites
  6. Video Sharing Sites
  7. Micro Blogs
  8. StatusNet Microblogs
  9. ELGG blogs
  10. Expression Engine forums
  11. Bookmarking Services
  12. Mail services.

Creating your own link pyramid structure is as simple as dragging and dropping the web properties in the campaign window (refer the video above). In addition to these services you can add new services all by yourself, magic submitter will learn how to post in the new sites all by itself. It has a module where it will download all the emails (the verification emails that are coming to the email address you used for registration) and  verify in a single click. You can also bypass all the captcha in the sites by using captcha services. You also have the ability to add new proxies. There is no software in market which can do all these things automatically.

Magic Submitter – How Much Does it Cost?

You can try magic submitter for the first month for just 5 dollars, and you can do a lot of link building for all your sites during the first month itself. This will definitely improve your rankings and in turn your income and from the next month onward you will be charged $67 per month which is a very low price for all that the software can do. Try Magic Submitter today for just 4.95 dollars. Download Now

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