Regional Search Engine Optimization

Building a website for your business is not a big deal today, there are several platforms that can be installed in a single click. What really matters is driving high quality targeted traffic to your website, that actually converts in to sales. Search engines are the top traffic sources for a long time now.

Regional Search Engine OptimizationHowever if your business is catering only to a particular region in a country, then it is needless to target the entire search engine ranking. Aiming for a high rank for every location can be costly and time consuming. Regional SEO or local SEO is a form of Search Engine Optimization that targets audience from one particular location only. If your business is really confined to one city or a state then you need localized search optimization. Businesses that are not doing well in a particular location can also opt for such localized SEO. This is relatively quicker and cost effective.

To explain this with an example let us assume a case where a website for a ‘taxi service in Chicago’ needs optimization. For such a business that doesn’t have any presence beyond a city, the SEO strategy will be far simpler. Optimizing for a region specific keyword requires a different approach.

The first step in this would be building contextual backlinks with region specific keywords. Good research should be done on identifying the LSI keywords that complement the main keywords for article creation.

Another important part of local SEO is getting the website listed in local directories. There are several free and paid directories and submitting the websites to those region specific directories will help a great deal in local SEO as well as getting direct targeted traffic.

Publishing articles that are region specific in the website also helps in ranking the site higher for local searches. Hosting the site in local server also helps a bit in local SEO.

Reputation Management for Local SEO:

Today review sites are given a lot of importance, everyone who wants to buy anything look out for reviews before buying a product or a service. So search engine gives a lot of importance for reviews and listing. Getting your website listed in top review sites with good reviews helps in better ranking in local search results. Doing all this is not an easy task for a web master with little SEO knowledge, so it is better to hire a good service provider to get local SEO done for your business.  Local SEO consultants provide region specific services, you can check one such service in this page to learn more. Such consultants will handle overall reputation management along with local SEO.

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