Search Engine Optimization Training and Strategies – 3 Hot Tips

Understanding the principles of search engine optimization training is for 95% of marketers a confusing, technical subject that they would prefer to not have to acknowledge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few basic rules that if followed can give your site some credibility and help to lift your page rankings.

I really believe learning the few of the simple concepts of search engine optimization is one of the best skills you can master when learning to market online. Those marketers who take the time to implement some optimization strategies will find that the search engines, which give your blog authority, will rank it higher for your selected keywords.

Once your site has consistently ranked well in the page rankings it normally makes it easier to rank for other related keywords that you are writing content for on your site. It also seems to have a flow on effect by pushing all your future articles and videos higher up also.

The following are a couple of simple strategies that I have found invaluable when implemented daily to getting your Alexa ranking down and getting your content published on the top pages.

Install The Alexa Toolbar

There are various ways in which you can increase your Alexa ranking using free search engine optimization training methods. Download the Alexa toolbar this is essential!

Anyone can download the toolbar for free which is automatically added to your browser and tracks the sites you’re visiting. Go to Alexa and register then go to toolbar and download toolbar extension.

The top rank is one. The higher the rank, the lower the traffic. You should strive for a lower rank. Let’s say the rank of your website of blog or web page is 1,685,930. This is not a good rank as it means the traffic to your site is quite low and there are 1,685,930 sites ahead of you in when it comes to customer visits. Your goal is to have it ranked in the range of 100-150,000 in the world.

Doing Keyword Research

Knowing how to do correct keyword research and competition analysis using the free Google keyword tool, this is rarely used properly and can be the difference in getting your content seen.

A Basic Technique For Finding Great Keywords

Go to the Google Keyword search tool and sign in. Have your local search area set on United States and select phrase for your match type.

Type in the search bar your key word, we will use SEO strategies as the example.

You will see there is a global search of 5,400 per month on this keyword if you look further down the column you will see SEO positions has 2,400 global searches per month, now imagine if your article or video on page one of Google for this particular keyword, even if it was ranked 2 or 3 on the page it would still get a ton of traffic.

So now you have found a good keyword you need to go in and check out the competition.

Go to the Google search bar and type your keyword in with quotation marks “SEO positions” with quotations around it, and click search.

If you were to search the keyword “SEO” you would find over 600,000,000 that’s 600 million competing for the number 1 spot. So you can see how this helps to narrow down your keyword research by going after keywords with global searches of between 1000-2000 per month and competition of around 75,000 or less.

If you stick to this strategy you would have more than doubled your chance of getting ranked on a higher page of the search engines as you are narrowing down the amount of competition and only going after the ones that you will have a fair chance of ranking with.

In Summary: I have given you an exact basic formula to follow when choosing a keyword to write your content on. This will be a great formula to follow when you first get started. There are more advanced keyword research strategies available and

I now understand why when looking for search engine optimization training and strategies on the Internet I could never find any that actually told you exactly how to do them. You will find that most SEO specialists want their secrets closely guarded and will usually put them out as a paid SEO course. Some companies have them as part of their training course for their members.

So in closing my advice to you is to first join up with a mentor and company that can teach you some proven search engine optimization training and strategies and the other crucial factor is for them to have a daily plan of action /blueprint for you to follow to help you to take consistent daily action with your marketing efforts to ensure you get results you are aiming for.

Deanna Hibbs was a full time-working mum, who after looking for an alternative to 9-5 came across the world of Internet Marketing. She now works from home as one of the founding members of World Wide Partnership and is teaching others her daily success blueprint to make their own lifestyle choices.

World Wide Partnership does not promote any particular network marketing company, but instead acts as a training company for any online marketers by putting the tools, training system and support in place that are essential for their success. If You Want SUCCESS Online You Need Support: Come And Join Us! Our members have access to a Daily Blueprint Follow, A Private Membership Training as well as Skype and Content Syndication Support.

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