SEO Tip: How To Do Keyword Selection With the Google Wonder Wheel

The importance of keywords in SEO cannot be disputed and the right keyword research and selection has to be done in order to attain SEO success. This may not be a hard thing to do but you just have to be sure that you have the appropriate keywords for effective targeting of prospects.

To rank high for your keywords and be on top of the search engine’s results pages may be an objective that you have attained, and yet you are not profitable there other elements though, that you have to implement together with your keywords, to have complete success.

Or you may not have the profitable keywords that can drive the more relevant traffic to your site, so you have to implement other reliable strategies. Your website may not have the reputation that other higher ranked and reputable sites have, so you have to implement effective strategies together with your keyword strategy to be more successful.

How to do keyword selection can be done by doing some SEO strategies. There are elements in keyword selection that you have to focus on to be more successful.


  • The relevance of your targeted keywords to your website’s contents has to be looked into. The relevance will make your contents more sensible and prospects may get interested.
  • The search volume of your keywords has to be looked into, also. A keyword tool will be more useful in getting this data and good for your SEO efforts.
  • Competition for your keywords is likewise important to be looked into. If you will choose keywords with not too much competition your success rate may increase.


The Google Wonder Wheel is one great keyword exploration tool that you can use for your keyword selection procedure. With this tool you will just type your search word or phrase and you will see an interactive wheel of related keywords that you can choose.

These related keywords though, can be expanded further to show more targeted and long tail keywords, where you can base your choices. How to do selection of these less familiar words can be done by just doing these methods with the wonder wheel.


  • Use very common keywords for use as your basis for keyword selection and search on the wonder wheel tool. This procedure will roll out more keywords to choose from.
  • Do the search first with lesser competitive keywords to streamline your search procedure. With this technique you will not get many keywords to choose from which can be more complicated in this procedure.
  • Include synonyms in your keyword research process and this will roll out words that will be simplified for your choice. And with this process you can refine more of your keyword selection with the wonder wheel tool.


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