How To Use Social Bookmarking Effectively – Helpful Tips!

Social bookmarking has been a hot topic lately all over internet marketing. And why not when it plays a big role in ‘Search Engine Optimization’, right? If you know well how to use social bookmarking effectively it would really help you with your online business. Social bookmarking is basically the same as when you save a website or webpage in your browser. But instead of it being saved in your local computer, it is saved in a website where you can access it anytime and anywhere so long as internet connection is available. In other words, social bookmarking is the safest way of saving bookmarks because nothing can erase it even when all your computer files are wiped off by a virus, you can still retrieve your bookmarks in the website where you have saved them.

Now, what has bookmarking to do with SEO and rankings and traffic? As mentioned above, it is very popular today. It is widely referenced not only by all internet users but also by websites or spiders. It is a supplement to all other SEO activities. It does not only help in promoting a website, it also help in achieving the ‘top ten’ Google ranking.

The important question is how to use social bookmarking effectively? You cannot just bookmark any page for nothing or else the social bookmarking websites will delete your account right away. Don’t bookmark any worthless website that has no use to you, especially to the general public. If you really have to, you can save it privately anyway. Leave good enough and useful comments because overly spiced comments will not be appreciated (like ‘awesome’ or excellent’). And then, supply keywords and tags when you bookmark. This is very helpful because many users will search using keywords, and they also would look into tags. And lastly, do not flood the social bookmarking websites with copies of the same website or webpage, or else it will be considered spamming. As much as possible, do not bookmark each and every page of the website you want to promote.

Most internet marketers use this SEO method of website promotion as it has showed considerable success. Yet, like any other method, you really have to take into consideration how to use social bookmarking effectively. This and other SEO services are very much helpful in growing your online business. There are already a lot of companies or industries that specifically offer these kinds of services. Do not hold back because these services will really increase your sales.

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