The Fundamentals Of Social Bookmarking

With the increase in the popularity of the Internet in the current ‘Wireless’ Era it is very important that you make the best use of this tool to be at the top! Although web browsing is very common these days, an important but less discussed tool is Social Bookmarking.

These bookmarking sites enable you to save interesting pages that you would like to return to later. What makes it better is that you can again organize these bookmarks in different folders and save them for anytime use. Also, an interesting feature of social bookmarking is that you can also share the marked sites with your friends and family sitting in another corner of the world. If you like a webpage and think a known person will also enjoy it then you can just email them. Some sites offer the option of sharing the page at the bottom of the web page where you type in the email addresses and it will reach instantly.

The basic idea behind these sites is to be able to narrow down your search in a structured way. This means that where a Search Engine like Google will offer you a thousand-odd pages on a particular topic, the same will be reduced considerably because of the bookmarks. The concept of ‘Tags’ will help here. Pick out only the main focus of the site and use it to tag. This way the audience who is looking for only that particular topic will browse it. The sites must be up- to – date with all the latest developments in connection with the topic.This will ensure the growth of traffic to that specific site. Another interesting feature is that these sites work on recommendation because when you bookmark a site or you view a site that has been tagged you are indirectly increasing its popularity.

In today’s cut throat competition where one does not have the time social bookmarking sites are fast gaining popularity. One of the other key features that one needs to know is that one can save bookmarks even on the computer. But, for those who have issues like a slow PC or PC memory problems can use Sites like, DoFollow, Reddit, etc., and save them without any hassles and the problem gets resolved. Thus, tagging works well with the general audience that has very little time and a lot of work to do!

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