Using Your Social Bookmarking Sites to Bring Traffic

The key to making social bookmarking sites work is this – The more bookmarks or votes your webpage gets within a given bookmarking site, the more visible it becomes within the community and the more direct traffic that community drives to your site.

Here is the strategy.

1. Sign up for as many social bookmarking accounts as possible. This is to build one way links to your site and increase Page Rank.

2. Focus you networking energies on a few popular sites so your content gets bookmarked and voted on as quickly as possible in these sites. The goal is (this is tough for some of us) is to draw attention to yourself, which in turn will direct traffic to your site

3. Eventually business owners will want to carry links on their sites or blogs

Let’s look at each of these strategies in more detail.

1. To build page rank for our website, in the profile section of each social bookmarking site, create at least one link, maybe more depending on the site. We need to focus on Social Bookmarking sites with a page rank of 3 or higher to get “quality links”. Rank is important when you think that a site with a page rank of 8 might be worth ten links as compared to a site with a page rank of only 3. Every time you register with a social bookmarking site, the bookmark you create is a link, then you create a link within your profile as well. This is two links in per site.

As good as this looks not all social bookmarking sites allow these links to be seen by search engines. These sites are called no follow link sites – here is a list,,,,,,,, Remember these are still great bookmarking sites to become popular and drive traffic.

Another important thing to remember for building links is in your bio, make sure to use keyword rich anchor text where allowed. This is the text that goes with your links. Also remember to use good relevant keywords to tag your site.

Set yourself a goal as to how many sites you think you sign up for each day. Make a list of the sites you have signed up for and any notes for future reference. A maximum of five a day is probably attainable for most of us, then it doesn’t become a tedious task.

To make this go as easy as possible, make sure that your profile and any information that will need to be used when registering, is easily accessible in order to save you as much time as possible. This can be done on any word processor or note pad. Find a common e-mail and password for all the sites and have this on your note pad and in your list of sites that you have on a spreadsheet.

The last part of this strategy, or could be the first, is to find the bookmarking sites. If you Google “list of social bookmarking sites” or “social bookmarking list” or other variations, you will see hundreds of sites. Check the page rank on each site and remember to focus on the highest ranking sites first.

The goal here is to just set up the sites and fill in the information for link building and page rank.

2. On the few sites that you are going to focus your networking energies, the goal and challenge is “how do I get my content noticed?” The experts say the content with the loudest buzz wins. To get noticed you need to link to pages within each site that are rich in content. The key word here is content. Members of social bookmarking sites are content hungry, so we are told!

The goal here is to draw attention to you and gain visibility quickly. To help do this, comment or vote on content you find interesting within each site. The more you do this the more people will become interested in you and start checking you out. They then will begin to look at other sites you have bookmarked, then check out your sites, when they like what they see they will bookmark you.

As you continually come up with new and interesting content to put on your sites, you will begin to see what catches on or becomes popular. You really do not know what is going to happen, so the experts tell us again, that with persistence one of your content items will likely make it big and put you on the map.

Remember what we said about the loudest buzz wins, we could call this the buzz factor. The buzz comes for a web page receiving enough votes to gain popularity. What is enough votes? The catch is that this is determined by the bookmarking sites and varies widely among sites. An example is the site Digg. You might need 500 diggs to become popular enough to put you on the front page, while lesser know sites it might only take 50 votes. The benefits of healthy buzz is: people will blog about you; people will link to you; people will tell their friends about you; this good news may find you. This will get you notices by the internet community, increase your traffic and boost your sales.

So now we are back to content. There are lots of “could’s” or “maybe’s” in putting your best effort forward to create content that you think is worthy of going popular. The key is to keep trying hard to consistently submit good content to the masses for bookmarking.

3. The more friends you have the more help you will get in making your content known and spreading the word. You can ask friends to submit your content, returning the favour by submitting theirs. You can see your friends updates and what they bookmark, and they can see yours. You can talk to your friends on the site. When you have new content you can let all your friends know.

You may find niche sites that are specific to your interests and your sites content.

Some things to remember and some things to think about.

Make your account as interesting as possible, spend time on your profile, make an “attention getting” avatar. Sincerely share something about yourself. Focus on specific bookmarking sites 3- 5 sites, then on these sites select 3-5 communities that interest you and that are related to you websites. Focus your socializing energies on these sites and communities.

Comment on content wherever possible. People love having their content commented on and this pulls you into their circles quickly as well as getting your name and profile out there.

Don’t submit content from the same URL too often. Keeping submissions at one per week is safe. If you own several websites or blogs you should rotate content submissions from each. The more you participate, the more influence you have. Be sure to vote, bookmark, comment and participate in any other way the site may provide.

Remember your content needs to spark interest, if not don’t submit it. What are some ordinary everyday topics that you can make extra ordinary? Using eye catching titles like “top ten themes” or “top 10 list”. For the majority of sites you do not want to submit your homepage, product pages or any e-commerce pages. Just keep submitting helpful and interesting content and you will eventually get noticed and gain popularity in each community you choose to be a part of.

The last suggestion is make sure you put the social bookmarking buttons on each of your websites so visitors will have an easy way to bookmark and share your site.

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