Ultimate Demon Review- The New and Powerful Link Building Tool

I have been a big fan of Magic Submitter and been using it ahead of SenukeX and other tools for my micro niche websites. However over the past few months I have been trying Ultimate Demon and I am thoroughly impressed with its power. If you have used Bookmarking Demon 6, then you can easily get accustomed with this tool.

Ultimate Demon The Best SEO Tool Today

UltimateDemon is undoubtedly very powerful and completely automatic. It helps a great deal in achieving link diversity. Google Panda Updates are making a mockery out of the conventional SEO strategies. You need link diversity, that is backlinks from various sources like web 2.0, blog comments, social networking, micro blogs, wordpress blogs, article directories, social bookmarking, wiki links, pdf sites, video sites and so on. Only a wholesome link building can give sustained results in the new age SEO. People used various tools to build links in these sources, however with UltimateDemon, you no longer need to own multiple tools. It’s like a “one-stop shop” that offers you backlinks from various sources and you can easily achieve the desired backlink profile for your main website.

The one area in which UltimateDemon is far ahead of the competition is the interface. Its user-friendly interface that has not been seen anywhere else. With UltimateDemon you can literally make unlimited number of backlinks that will make your website a real authority in your niche. The Wiki module in UltimateDemon is very powerful and there tools selling at the same cost of UltimateDemon, that does only wiki submissions.

Another major difference is UltimateDemon has an option for Captcha Sniper, you don’t need to manually enter captcha or spend a great deal in captcha solving services, this will automatically solve all your captchas effectively, thereby will reduce the recurring cost of running your SEO operations. You can effectively build powerful link pyramids using this tool in a matter of few hours.


There are simply no other software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as UltimateDemon.

System Requirements:

  • If you are planning to try this software then make sure you system has the following packages.
  • (.NET Framework 3.5) + (Windows XP.SP3 x86/x64 or Windows Vista x86/x64 or Windows 7 x86/x64).
  • MAC OSX is not supported. To run in OSX, Virtual Machine that runs Windows OS is required.

How to Buy UltimateDemon?

Before buying Ultimate Demon, you should be very clear with your needs. Ultimate Demon unlike any other software gives flexibility in the way you want to buy it.  It offers you a money saving option where you can buy it for a one time, no other software be it Magic Submitter, SenukeX, Rank Builder or other software offers you this option. They have only monthly subscription and that starts at $67 to $147. However UltimateDemon offers you this great option of buying it for a life time at a meager cost of $ 397 (this is what you would pay for SenukeX for two months, but you can get a lifetime license for that amount).

Download the lifetime version of UltimateDemon Here

However if you don’t have that amount and would like to try it on a month on month basis, then UltimateDemon team is offering a monthly subscription plan. Again they are the cheapest they offer it for $47 , all other software with far less features and poor user interface are selling their software at a higher rate.

Download the monthly subscription version of UltimateDemon Here

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