Understanding What Internet Marketing Means

Many people are unaware that SEO and Internet Marketing are not the same. SEO falls under the umbrella of Internet Marketing but having only SEO performed on your website will not achieve high search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) only does what it says, optimise your site for search engines, for example, meta tags, landing pages, content, images etc.

The first stage to get high web traffic is to perform SEO throughout your site, then move on to Internet Marketing, which covers the below factors.

Blogging and Blog Marketing

Adding content regularly through your blog is a great way to catch the eye of the Google bots. But what happens if you don’t have an audience who will read them? Simple, market your blog posts. Submitting your blog posts, or blog feed, to blogging networks will attract a large amount of readers and subscribers.

The trick is with blogging, only write high quality content that readers will find useful. Do not write a blog for the sake of adding content. The more useful the reader finds your content, the more likely they are to follow you to read future posts (or even make a purchase through your website), share your post through their social media accounts and even link to you from their own blog. This is why blogging is so important for your Internet Marketing as it will attract visitors, social shares and inbound links.

Inbound Marketing

Many people think inbound marketing, or link building, is dead, far from it! There are many articles published on the web saying ‘if you blog all the time your links will come’. Unfortunately this is not the case, you need to create your own links. Especially if your website is fairly new or if you don’t have a huge social following. here are some link building methods to help kick start your inbound marketing:

Guest Posting: contact high quality, relevant websites asking if they mind publishing one of your articles (a unique article!) on their website. Within your article will content your backlink. This only works effectually if you are very selective and research the website you want to guest post on.

Product Review: send samples of your product to bloggers asking them to write a review on their blog. This is a great way to spread your brand and website around the web.

Blog Commenting and Forums: reading other people blog posts and adding your point of view and expertise is a good way to attract inbound links and also build relationships. The same with contributing to forums, if you know the answer to a question, help them out with as much detail as possible. Please note, this method should not be your only source in your Internet Marketing to build backlinks.

Social Media

This is a great way to reach the whole world with what you have to offer. Updating your social media accounts regularly is a great way to attract readers and sales for your site. Spending a small amount with Facebook Marketing each week will soon build your Likes up. In my experience, if you have over 10,000 genuine followers that are interested in what you do, you should receive a large amount of interactions for each post you publish (as long as you maintain a high standard of posts!).

There is a huge task set for anyone looking to promote their site on the web but if you start of by performing your SEO correctly at the beginning then move on to your Internet Marketing on a regular basis you will be a success!

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