Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of any online business strategy today. With sky rocketing PPC costs, it is almost impossible for small and medium level businesses to market their products/services through PPC (pay per click marketing). Though referrer traffic (buying media from other websites) will work to an extent, it cannot be an alternative because more than 90% of all online visitors, visit a website via search engines. So, the most cost effective and long term solution for establishing your business online is through proper search engine optimization.

Search Engine OptimizationPPC is highly targeted and effective when it comes to conversion. However today with the increasing competition and the bidding war for good keywords has made PPC not feasible anymore. A single click for some keywords today cost as high as $ 30-50 and might even increase with increasing competition. So focusing on SEO and achieving organic ranking are the best way to grow your business.

However SEO is not as easy as it was a decade ago, with the competition increasing over 1000 times during the past decade, ranking the website in the first page of a search engine has become a Herculean task. There used to be a time when search engine optimization was as simple as good meta description and meta keywords along with link building. Today the scenario is different, the search engines are far smarter and they update the algorithm constantly to refine the search results. This has made SEO very difficult for the webmasters, so today it is better to hire a good SEO consultant rather than doing it yourself.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Today online business are focusing more on local SEO, unlike the last decade today the search engines provide completely different results based on the geo-location. The search engines try and provide results that are more relevant to the local area. It is logical to provide local results when someone is searching for a carpenter instead of showing the same results to all people all over the country.

This is a huge change in search engine optimization, and every business today should make use of this. This change should be seen as an opportunity as the number of websites competing for a particular location is far less. Some top SEO consultants provide local search engine optimization services to help business harness this opportunity. Local seo is relatively cheaper, and more targeted. There are some good local SEO providers, click here to check one of them.

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