How to Search Engine Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 2 Steps

LinkedIn is by far the largest and most successful business networking online social network. To have a LinkedIn profile is synonymous with being a serious professional. There are many upscale and credible people on this website but to network with them can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to gain exposure and increase your chances of being located by your target market, you should take measures to show up at the top of the LinkedIn search engine.

There are literally millions of other professionals you are competing with so showing up at the top of the search engines, representing your keyword, is vitally important. As the Internet continues to evolve and mature, studies show that the top few rankings are the most likely to receive the most clicks. Ranking for a popular keyword is obviously more difficult but by following the steps below, you are giving yourself the unfair advantage. Below, are a few basic steps to help you accomplish this fast;

1. Identify the main keyword you would like to rank for

Whatever business you are in, there is a keyword that is associated with it. If your specialty is Internet Law, your goal should be to show up at the top of the list when someone types in that keyword. This alone will put you ahead of your competition because more than likely people will click on the top few results rather than scrolling down the list. If you neglect this step, you will simply blend in with the rest of the competition and very likely go unnoticed.

2. Use your main keyword several times throughout your profile

Using your main keyword several times throughout your profile has been proven to raise your ranking. You must use your keyword in your headline and it is a good idea to place it in your previous positions held and or previous clients. You should also add your keyword in your professional description. If you are new to your position and are looking to attract traffic, your professional description and your headline should include your keyword at least 4 to 5 times. You will of course want to include it in your current position. Please be sure not to add anything fictitious to this information just to optimize your profile. It is dishonest and not a good business practice. Not to mention, it could come back to you later and contribute to a bad reputation.

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