8 Tips on Keeping Your Website Visitors on Your Site to Read Your Content

So, you have someone who has clicked on a link that brings them to your website. Now what? What’s going to keep them there now that they have arrived? You have less than 15 seconds to grab their attention enough for them to stay on your site and read your content or sales letter. How can you be sure that they don’t close your site and move on? Is there anything you can do or have on your first page that will insure that they read your content?


  • First, you must know your ideal customer extremely well if you are going to write content to hold their attention. When someone clicks through to your website, your headline is the key to keeping them on your website and interested enough to read your copy or story.


Your headline must be eye-catching not only in formatting, such as underliningbolding or making it a different color, but also in the words you use. It should be shocking, stark, earth-shaking, controversial, something that says to the customer, “you need to find out what this is about”.

Look at the headlines on some of the scandal sheets at the grocery store checkout line. You are compelled to read them even though you know that nearly all are ridiculous fabrications. Your headline should always be something that demands attention.


  • What do you do with the customer who usually quickly scans a site for interest before moving on? This type of visitor, wants to scan something quickly to see if it is worth their time to dig deeper. For this person, the sub-heads and bullet points will be the key. Sub-headlines must be mini-headlines under the main headline and must also be attention grabbing in some way.
  • What about the customer who wants more information? You can expand the information under each bullet point or sub-headline to provide more explanation for those looking for more in-depth information.
  • As an internet marketer, you are trying to encourage/persuade the customer to go to the next step and perhaps purchase something or a service. Don’t forget to tell them what you want them to do, in plain straight language and make it easy.


Have a button for purchase or for more information that appears on your first page and several times through your longer copy as well as at the end. Specifically direct the visitor to click on the button to purchase or obtain more information.


  • Can you do any formatting with you copy to make it easier for someone to read what you wrote and not be discouraged because of the appearance of the copy? Formatting is important in this regard.


You need white space and generally your paragraphs should be no more than 4 lines long. People tend to look at longer paragraphs and not want to get involved with reading them.

Using italics, bolding, capital letters, underling, variable size type and perhaps different print colors are ways to draw and keep visitor’s/customer’s attention.


  • Does it matter how many pages are included on my website or sales copy? For some sites, short copy may be better than long copy but mostly it is the content of the copy rather than its length that counts. Some of the most successful internet marketers today may use both.
  • People talk about having your critical information above the page break, why? The reason for this is that some people will not scroll beyond the first page. Therefore, your first page must capture and hold their attention so that they scroll on down or at least must provide them with the critical information to decide to do what you want them to such as purchase your product.
  • Should I have audio or video on my pages? Audio and video have become very important as ways to promote you site both to your customers as well as the search engines. Inexpensive high-definition video cameras and digital recordings have made it possible for anyone to add these to their website with very little effort or expense.


Does it make a difference? It seems to since the majority of the most successful online marketers use it routinely. So, as with many things, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Model these successful internet marketers.

Gorden McMurry is an online marketer who is helping others become successful in the internet marketing arena. To learn more about how keep your visitors on your website, visit http://www.GordenMcmurry.com

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