How to Convert Your Article Marketing to a Traffic Generating Machine – Part 1

There’s no doubt that article marketing is one of the major components in Internet marketing in terms of traffic generation. This method has been working nice for many years. This is also true that Internet is considered as a “breathing, moving and growing thing”. Internet technology is changing dramatically. Search engines are also changing their strategy. That’s why article marketing is not working now like it worked few years back. Writing a quality article and submit it in article directories is not enough to drive huge targeted traffic. I am going to reveal some techniques to convert your article marketing to a traffic generating army.

Quality is king. This is one of the most important part if you want to attract targeted traffic. Even the search engines give highest priority to high quality contents. Just one high quality article is much powerful than 10 low quality articles. Good content will lead you as an authority and bad content will lead anyone as a spammer.

I am going to share a powerful strategy to convert your article to the next level in this part.

1. I assume that you have already written a good quality article and submitted that to article directories like

2. Break this article to 10 or 12 chunks. Every chunk should include some key sentences.

3. Open Microsoft Powerpoint and make 10 or 12 slides with those chunks. You must include your name and website in the last slide.

4. Prepare a good presentation and save it.

5. Open an account with these three sites:




6. Upload your PowerPoint slideshow to these sites. You can share your PowerPoint presentation to the whole world through these websites. These websites have a high ranking in Google and they have a very good number of natural traffic. You can submit your PowerPoint file to many other directories like this.

7. Get ready to give it bit more twist. Now you are going to submit the same PowerPoint file in different languages. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn other language)

8. For example, you want to submit it in Spanish language. Visit to open Google Translate.

9. Translate all the sentences in Spanish, make a different background and save in a different name. Submit the file again to the above directories.

10. Can you feel how powerful this strategy is? You can get exposure multiple times from the same article by submitting it to different places.

Stay tuned. I’ll publish more powerful strategies to convert your article marketing to a traffic generating machine.

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