How to Use the Best Article Submission Services to Submit an Article Properly and Effectively

If you are using article marketing or article submission services to boost your website ranking or gain valuable back-links then there is a right way and a wrong way to set up your campaign.

The problem with the new Google Panda update – also known as the Farmer Update is that it seems to target content farms and reduce the effectiveness of article marketing. However, if you look into this more closely you will see that if you submit your article campaign in the correct order then it works just as well as it always did.

First of all you need to plan out your strategy to gain some valuable back-links first and then submit your articles to the lower page rank article directories.

The most effective article network to submit to in my opinion is Ezine Articles, closely followed by Articles Base and then Go Articles. If you get your article accepted by these three networks first then you gain great back-links plus as they are widely used and visited you also build up the traffic to the website or blog you are trying to promote.

Make sure that you are not trying to link to an affiliate page or even worse a direct link to a product you are promoting as the article will not be approved. You need to link to a page that either reviews the product or service and then links to the promotion page from there or link to some interesting and informative content.

Once you have written your article and are happy that the content is informative, interesting and also links to a great landing page you can go ahead with your submission.

Another good tip is to use the resource box as part of the article to increase the likelihood that people will click through to your website after reading it. Simply let the last sentence of the article flow into the resource box and then ask them to click through to your website. If you try to be too subtle about this then the reader may not visit your website. Sometimes you have to tell people what to do and a good call to action in the resource box is always more effective.

Once you have submitted your article successfully to the three article networks described earlier you then need to submit it to as many other networks as you can to achieve maximum coverage and obtain more results in the search engines which will lead to more back-links.
Look in Google for the top twenty article networks and submit them manually to see how effectively this will work for your articles. Once you have the hang of it you can use other article submission services who will submit your articles automatically for you, thereby saving you time and achieving quicker results.

This will improve your ranking in the search engines as back-links and great content are now key to the ranking algorithms as Google and the other main search engines strive to remove or degrade poor content and links that are not relevant to your website.


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